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Daily Routine, Follow Your Passion

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Chealsea Shaheen
Spiritual Wellness
Just by listening to this daily hypnosis, you will begin to follow your true path and you invite the energy of emotional abundance to you. Discover what it means to follow your heart.
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9 reflections
Pause yourself
Take time to pause your activities throughout the day. Breathe, look around, enjoy the moments. Give yourself a break; as many as you need. 🙂
Trust my heart
I learned to listen with my heart to be on my right path. Follow my heart.
Reminded that I am whole with everything and everyone 🙌🏼 Thank you ☺️
Follow the Peace
What is the difference between the voice in our head and the voice in our heart? In this beautifully written meditation, we find out the answer as we become intimate with our heart. Sitting here on a bench at the nature park, I closed my eyes and took in a few deep breaths into my belly. As I listened to Chealsea’s beautiful words, I noticed how moved I was becoming. Placing my hand over my heart, love, compassion and understanding for all there is was felt all throughout my body. I will follow the peace. How will I know that I am? Because it will feel just like this. Thank you, Chealsea! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Walter J
Listening, hearing, knowing…
Wow, WoW, WOW!!! Maybe the most Powerful meditation I have ever heard on my years of listening to Aura!! So much wisdom and love being perfectly delivered. Caught my ear with… “Your Heart is the Sweetest voice you can barely hear…” And could not stop listening!!Well, actually I did stop… so I could replay parts to take notes - it was that Powerful… Wow! All the Truths being revealed were directed straight to my heart because… “What is meant for me cannot pass me by!” WoW!! Again. “I Am always (& all ways) right where I am intended to be!” True without exception. So why not ask yourself what am I suppose to learn from this situation?! If we live our lives Lawfully, there can be no pain, just lessons. Lessons of love… “Our hearts are constantly loving us, even if we don’t Again I say WOW!!! I need to…scratch that, ‘Want to’ listen to this again and again. Until then I will just listen to my heart, Knowing it will supply me with everything that makes me “The Luckiest Man Alive!” What is your heart telling you? Be reeeaaaallll quiet and listen… ❤️🍀❤️
Follow your peace…
This piece shook me to my core which I now know is driven by my heart. I have such gratitude for my heart and how it leads me to see and feel my way through any situation. Love my Aura for bringing me messages to make me feel whole.
I Will Follow
Whether we become present to it or not, our hearts beat endlessly for us each and every day. Working tirelessly, it speaks only with a soft voice. Because of its soft voice, we must pay extra attention to hear the sacred words it speaks. As I listened to these beautiful words, I opened to my heart. As I placed my hand over my heart, I began listening to the sweetness it spoke. I will follow you, heart. In moments when my head thinks it knows which direction to take, I will follow you, heart. For doing so will always lead me back home to you. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Thank you, Heart
I have been following my heart for a while now, but I have never thanked my heart for guiding me. Thank you, Heart. 💖
I needed to cry and I have to keep taking care of myself the best I can even when facing hardships