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Daily Heart Opening

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Charles Freligh, PhD
Use this simple practice to open the area of your heart and feel whatever it is that you feel right now without having to make sense of it. Open, release, and let in the healing energy of this pure, brand-new moment.
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8 reflections
Heart Connection ❤️
Breathing into my heart, I feel a tightness in that space. It has been awhile since I have been able to connect with my true self which is a being of love. As I continue to breathe into my heart, I feel it slowly opening up like a flower reaching the sun to let light in. As the pure light reaches my heart, I feel that space softening. I am letting my guard down becoming completely vulnerable in this moment. Feelings of love wash over me. The color green is radiating from my heart space which means I am open to receive and give love. I am a being of love and light. I will share this gift with all others I come in contact with today as well as myself.
Odd concept and annoying background music, struggled to follow so gave up and just did breathing
I have been going through a very hard healing process after a long term narcissistic relationship. This was an extremely powerful and emotional meditation today. Tears came flooding uncontrollably and suddenly I felt lighter inside. I can’t explain this very well but this was what I needed today. Thank you!
Daily heart opening
I struggled through this meditation because after losing my beautiful cancer warrior dog Thor I just feel like he was my heart & soul & so my heart is gone
An open heart
I really appreciated this meditation. I'm ready to have not only a wonderful day, but with an open heart. I'm working on mindfulness this week. And sometimes I may need to ask myself if I am moving forward with an open heart as I go.
So calming
I feel such a calm when I do these meditations. I rarely am ready to open my eyes when those giving the meditations invite me to do so. I often sit for a longer period of time, listening to the music and birds, enjoying the moment. Thank you for these opportunities.
Great! Need the work on my heart for allowing me to love and be loved and help me with self love
I felt incredibly relaxed
I learned relaxation is just as good as concentration and breathing into the heart is a really good feeling