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Cultivating Focus

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN teacher Nathan Maton) Cultivating focus is a wonderful gift to yourself. This 3 minute meditation practices with your breath, helping you focus and sharing how focus can make you experience more pleasure in your life.
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32 reflections
Good intent
I really liked the intention of the session, but I feel like there was too much talking in that short amount of time. I felt more distracted than anything. Could this session be lengthened?
Sarah Elizabeth
In & Out
For some reason counting my breaths had really helped me focus on staying in the present moment. This little ditty was really calming and very relaxing as well. I enjoyed it very much. Sweet & Simple.
Focus and concentrate?
I can’t focus and concentrate 100% when someone is talking. This is a great guided meditation and the counting of the in and out breath is a good way for me to avoid distractions. I think it will be much better to do on my own, maybe with a little soft music. 🙏🌷
Adding to my list 👍
Counting breaths in and out does really help with focus. I was only concentrating on the breathing and counting and therefore had no other thoughts drifting into my mind. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to do this anywhere. I’m going to try this method at work because I’ve had a hard time focusing lately. I’ve been trying other methods like positive affirmations and now l’ll add counting breaths to my list. 🙏
Walter J
While I was trying to concentrate on the ins & outs of breathing, I noticed I felt very rushed by how fast he was counting and was not able to enjoy the big slow long inhales and extended complete exhales I am used to taking. But I think I got the idea of what he was suggesting to do.
Too Fast
Perhaps, the practitioner was going lickety split because of time constraints, but his counting of breaths was way too fast, and distracted me from my easy full breaths and slow exhales.
Cultivating Focus
This exercise was great for practicing your concentration skills.
Wow, this really helped me get focused, and leave all my distracted thoughts!
Staying focused
I learned that since I haven’t been mediating in a while, my mind has lost its ability to focus on my breathing and I tend to get distracted. But I also know that the mind is a muscle and like all muscles in the body, it takes a while to get back into shape. With constant practice of meditation I know that I will be able to get back into focusing and find a space comfortable enough for my mind to become at peace.
Simple and effective
Short, simple, and surprisingly effective, perfect for my normally fractured attention (squirrel)!
Walter J
Nathan uses a great quote to give us a goal to shoot for. Good idea with the counting but very fast breathing for me. Not used to quickening my breathe on shallow breathes. But I like the idea and will use it on deeper ones later. 💚👍🏼🍀
Simple Pleasure
When we have monkey brain, taking some time to count our breaths can be an effective way to reset our mind and bring back our focus to the task at hand. In this short, but effective meditation, we count our in breaths and out breaths as a way to cultivate our focus. I settled in and began feeling the sensations of breathing; the air flowing in and out of my nostrils and the rising and falling of my chest and belly. Then, I began counting my breaths. As I concentrated on each breath, thoughts left my mind and my body began to unwind. It is in the simple pleasure of breathing where I have focus. It is in the simple pleasure of breathing where I have calm. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I just liked the time to be still and only breathe. Sure thoughts came into my mind, but as I returned my focus to my breath I was able to just let those thoughts blow away with each exhale. You got this! You CAN have a good day! Neither the past nor the present determines the future of your tomorrows! #ShareGoodness
I felt that this meditation was very rushed. Since I tend to breathe slowly and deeply, Nathan’s breaths were too quick for me. Still, I enjoyed this small meditative bite, and I felt calmer and more focused when I practiced by myself.
Lung Capacity
I felt like my lungs could hold a lot more air once I only focused on the breathe. I personally took bigger breathes than instructed, but still a great practice.
Breathing in, breathing out
I noticed that focussed numbered breathing in and breathing out is a wonderful grounding tool. Easy to use wherever I am to gain calm and focus.
Keeping Focus
Today’s breathing exercise is good tool to help people focus and relax
Focusing on Happiness
We as humans get so busy in our own lives that we get lost and lose track of the most important thing in our lives, our own happiness. Happiness is so important to have because it makes us better people. We focus too much on getting too much done at once to the point we become overly stressed, tired, and all around upset. I know because I used to think like that and get that way as well. Just focus on being happy and don’t over work yourself
I felt quiet I felt alive t felt calm
I learned that counting in intake and expelling of air keeps me focused on being alive despite the airplanes flying above me and my cat and dog coming out and going back into the house😄
Ana Paula
Counting your breath and concentrating on them, feeling it pass through your body, make you feel how good it is to have the gift of life.
Cultivating Focus
The breath in a wonderful anchor. My thoughts will go everywhere but I can bring them beck to the breath
SO needed this today.. thanks a lot. i need to add this to my frequent practices
Cultivating focus
I noticed that even with counting my breath I sometimes lost focus. But by counting it kept me coming back to the focus on my breath. I found this very useful and calming and I will definitely use it again in the future.
Could switch off from the thoughts I was having
I could bring myself back to my breath when thoughts reappeared
Slowing the narration.
I love the guided meditations! I feel that some of them are a bit rushed. When I focus on breathing I need on average 8 seconds to inhale and 10+ seconds to exhale.
Nice session. Breathing and focusing feel myself prepared and motivated now for my morning. And for my day.
I cried at the end….
As I focused on breaths which counts… my mind went to watching my first child taking his first breaths and how precious and miraculous that was to experience. Then it was I who was that newborn… taking my first breaths and realizing how miraculous it is to breath! As a hospice nurse, I’ve watched many take their last…
Focus with task
I’ve noticed that when I have a task included to my breath work I do better. Like the counting or an affirmation. Good practice and takes a short time to bring me back
Rushed and distracted
I found myself getting irritated that the narration for counting breaths continued the whole time. I prefer the guiding to be silent for a minute to let me breathe and count in my own time. I felt rushed and distracted by the guided counting all the way through 10.
I feel it is a good method, I’m counting the breaths. I got a little behind the narrator. But it did help me to concentrate. I’m thankful.
I learned that I can concentrate better when I’m focused on my breath by counting the brass, I’m not focused on other things which helps my brain to clear. I feel it’s a good method although I did get a little behind the narrator. It was helpful I’m thankful.
Awareness of the Breath
When I am in complete awareness of my breath I feel anchored and at home. There is a calmness and softening within me and know that I am safe. Fear and anxiety does not reside in that state. It’s complete bliss!
Focusing on breathing. For some reason I became anxious counting each in and out breath. My timing was off at times. This didn't work for me.