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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
The process of creating is one that can be allusive to many, yet we are constantly creating in our lives weather it's a fine meal, a story or an adventure. This story my bring light to maintaining the flow of creativity in your own life.
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Combinatory play
The term pretty much describes my life! Being an artist/designer/sign maker and an Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) has afforded me many opportunities to work and play creatively! I even coach my youngest daughter’s F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League robotics team for our elementary school and LOVE to see the kids solve challenges when building and coding their robots! Our big annual qualifying tournament is this Saturday at the local Jr. High! An all-day event sees the team competing in a robot game against many other local teams, and presenting their educational project to a panel of judges! I’m pretty darn proud of these kids!
I noticed
I noticed that you have to find the good in things, not the bad.
Einstein’s conceptualisation of ‘combinatory play’ may be useful in creativity.
Life sends us to believe we must better ourselves and our lifestyle or we will get left behind. Being ourselves is enough. Enjoying our life right now is awesome. Love is the answer to happiness. Thankfully, we all are in the same boat. The tide may get rough, but we can weather the storm.
Sou Teen
Ziele.... Pressure and TTR vs. Wild creative Spaß ... Ohne Druck und eigene Erwartungen.
Building mastery
I think this is an excellent way to build mastery. Those small victories and mindful enrichments of experience are what can build a sense of mastery or accomplishment within oneself. I plan to use this in my self love and confidence practice.
Allow yourself to enjoy and play and have fun. Don't stress about the mistakes. Just be and do
Enjoy and live. Don't rob yourself of joy by being harsh on yourself. Would you talk to someone else that way?
I noticed that I can benefit from turning my eyes away from a problem rather than giving it all my attention and I’m going to start playing guitar again.
I learned the people who define themselves by their skill and one activity call math open burn out often burn out and lose their sense of creativity and joy they get while performing the activity of their choice. This meditation and Einstein‘s theory suggest the best way to handle this burn out it’s to engage in another activity with less emotional pressure tied to it come and come back to the original activity later. This presentation this story reminds me to be mindful when I need a break. Being aware when I need to relax it’s something I’ve been struggling to do. I often find myself tired after a long hours of work grad school. When this occurs I struggle to Focus and come up with quality writing and ideas. I often become self deprecating and wonder why I cannot perform at the same level as before I frequently need to be reminded hi my friends to call me as they say“Keep your brain a break and come back to this later.“ At which point I exercise or read for pleasure to relax. Thanks to this meditation I have decided to make it a goal to realize when I need to switch my brain to some other activity before I receive input from my friends. In other words do it on my own terms. I am grateful for the people who work at this app for putting this meditation together and reminding me that you’ve been Einstein breaks I also am grateful for the other advice on this app about taking breaks I am reminded I’ve listened to Life coaching session oh Nora the same thing but say but napping your way to success in taking time to dream also affect your Nuro pathways and make you more productive I will make sure to become more self-aware when I need brakes and use Einstein‘s theory daydreaming, and taking short rest do you need my creativity and bring productivity thank you again Folks at The app for these lessons. And thank you to the great people On this app for taking the time to read this post Hope everyone is OK, happy, and well.
Don't allow.what brings you joy to become your identity. I have always said that is when if becomes "work". Allow yourself to be free and play and able to have fun
I learned that to do the love thing that interests you is to start the ball rolling to everything else. Belief is important and essential to the flow of life. Belief without seeing or even feeling what’s around the next corner. Just know it’s there🙏🏼 and walk forward in belief and knowledge that you’re making it happen.
I needed to hear this this morning♥️✨ I’m finding my love for the Arts’ again my life work. I went away from it….. I’m finding ‘the love again… Thank You 🙏🏾♥️✨
This pertains to my work environment too. Thank you so much for the reminder to let my creative self just be.