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Create Positive Energy

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Stacey Henry-Carr
Hypnotherapist & Life Coach
We all have the ability to manage the energy that flows around us. Use this meditation to bring positive and restoring energy to yourself. Music Solfeggio Tonal Music 528Hz by Matías Romero Acuña
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4 reflections
Positive Energy
We have the ability to manage the energy around us. In this session, Stacey has us focus on bringing in positive energy through our breath with our hands. Extending both of my arms outward with the palms facing one another while focusing on my breath I could feel a magnetic force wanting to bring my palms together. Bringing my palms together, I am inhaling positive energy into my being. On every exhale, moving my arms apart I am letting go of any old stale energy that no longer serves me. After doing this a few times, I feel my energy levels begin to rise, a big smile is on my face, and I feel centered. Today will be a wonderful day! Excellent session to start my day with. Thank you Stacey!🙏
I need to focus on being more positive
I need to focus on being more positive . Bi have been so negative lately. This has helped. I will continue
Shifting Flow
By using simple mindful movements and visualization, every single one of us has the power to shift our energy flow within us as well as around us. In this meditation, we do just that and then sit with the effects we just created. Getting comfortable, I became centered by taking three conscious breaths. I placed my palms so they could face one another in front of me and sensed the energy flow around me. As I breathed, I began to bring them closer and closer to one another until they touched. I sensed the energy flow within me through the chi, or energy centers in the center of my palms. Clearing any negative energy around me by using slow and mindful movements, I was ready to bring in positive energy by visualizing breathing in love, and peace. Placing my palms together in prayer position, I sensed into the shift I just cultivated in my energy flow. Filled with positive vibes, I am ready to have the best day possible! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
First day of meditation
I felt good as I took some time to focus on my inner self and breathing. I was really distracted and found it hard to focus for 7 minutes. Thoughts about my family in SL kept coming to my mind. And what our day will look like with the kids.