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Crazy Busy Balance

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Is your head sometimes spinning from the demands of your daily schedule? Time slips away from all of us, causing the days to drag on and the years to fly by. This session explains how forward thinking—with your “future self” in mind—can save you wasted time and boost your overall satisfaction in life. The benefits are apparent when we compare modern life to the ways of our ancestors. Simple acts of socializing, home cooking, and correspondence deserve schedule time too. Once you realize these missing pieces in your life, you can find balance as often as you need it.
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I get to decide what to do with my time and it worth celebration!
I will give myself some time for meditation and try to do anything enjoyable and useful at the same time,
I like this because I’m always making plans I don’t want to attend. So now I will always take the time to acknowledge how I feel before making that plan.
Day One back on Grind
I need to start to relax and feel better about myself. I have; for the last month and a half been so caught up in other people’s business and lives that I’ve neglected my own. I am getting back into Meditation each morning. Waking up at 7 am and getting myself situated and set up for the day by starting out relaxing and making sure I do breathing exercises each day as well.
Future self
I learned that this is something I already do that is effective. I plan on using it more.
work balance
i learned that if you plan something ahead it is way easier than planning the same thing a day before.
I felt connected
I learned that everyone goes through similar things in life and to pause and really think about how I plan things in my life.
I understood that it doesn’t take a miracle to have a calm way of life, you just need to think forward, not years forward, just weeks, days and even just a couple of hours in order to allow your future self calmness and reassurance.
Aching to be busy
I already schedule my meditation time each day, including Aura in my pill reminder app, Round (highly recommended app), having been out of work for so long, I've gotten pretty lazy overall, and now, facing a busier schedule with real work to do, I'm finding myself very anxious each day...the need to perform and accomplish tasks again is pretty daunting to me now...what’s that saying? Be careful what you wish for?
I’m going to schedule relaxation time each day to try to help with anxiety.
I learned that it’s effective to try meditation not when I’m already feeling anxious but also when I’m more calm.
Dear future self
I know I need to take care of you because there are always demands being placed on you. Scheduling calmness during our day is the first step to creating balance.
Schedule my time more effectively
I am crazy busy. I even work on Saturdays and sometimes bring it home on Sundays. I should think of my future self and try to schedule less. Enjoy more time with my family. My life tends to revolve around my business.
I know now that I do need to choose what I do with my time wisely.
Relaxation is just as important as everything else because it protects my energy which is just as important as all the other energies I feed when filling my time with things that makes others happy and not myself.
Me time
I’ve learned that I need to take more time out for myself to help reduce my stress level. I’m a workaholic and I’m always exhausted. But now I will do not meditation so they I can find inner peace.
This is spot on!
I think we all have to make time for ourselves and for the important things. For me it’s spending time with my son even when I’ve been at work all day. It’s relaxing for me and I know I will sacrifice my sleep to make sure that he knows how much I love him.
I learned that I need to take more time out for myself and to not schedule appointments which I don’t intend on keeping so I can sleep in.
I am grateful for Aura gently beginning my day. Also clouds bringing rain to gardens in Maryland. Seeing scarlet tanager yesterday. Husband helping with new bird feeder
I have a choice to allow time for myself to become centered with myself. It is okay to give my self less obligations to be free and enjoy life! I am grateful for this lesson!
Sounds like my new healthy habit
By coincidence, I spent an hour doing yoga and meditation yesterday before anything else. It felt great! After listening to this, I think I’ll make it my new Saturday habit. I need this in my life and feel encouraged to make it a priority. Love this channel!
I was reminded that how I spend my time is always my choice, and that when I intentionally schedule time to be “not on” I appreciate it.
I learned that you can easily free yourself some time by doing little tweaks during the day just for yourself.
Anticipate the needs of your future self
I am going to anticipate the needs of my future self. I am going to be happier and be a little bit more selfish. I am going to love myself more. Once I love myself and am more comfortable, I will have the ability to find love and control it better.
I felt
I felt that I need to learn how to control my thoughts, and make them kinder, and not be so quick to make poor judgments.
Scheduling Relaxation
Schedule times for relaxation into your timetable. Don’t always feel obligated to meet everyone else’s demands - sometimes it is okay to take a break out for yourself and just relax. Remember, how you spend your time is your choice. Celebrate that.
I couldn’t focus when she was talking but she said to schedule times for relaxing
Be kind to people
Words are powerful so we must use them in a positive way at all times!!
The Little Things...
I have always greatly appreciated how the most simple decisions and actions can dramatically increase the quality of our lives. As mentioned in the audio, finding time for a home cooked meal and quality time with a loved one are great ways to achieve balance; there are endless ways to incorporate balance into your lifestyle. A new way I have achieved increased balance in my life is by incorporating a new vegan-based diet and lifestyle. The results have been amazing in just over a month: weight loss, less stomach bloating, and a new sense of immense satisfaction after eating a nutritious and delicious meal. Celebrate your little victories!
Joshua Salgado
This one helped me A LOT. I felt relaxed. I always think about the beautiful things around me.
Weekend busyness
Instead of planning a busy weekend I should make a day for myself
I learned that I should spend my time on what makes me happy, and sometimes think about myself too.
making time
I have a choice to make my relaxation a priority I am able to make focus on self happen
I have a choice to plan happy moments. It goes a long way because it helps balancing my life.
I learned that choosing not to do something because you need some time to relax is okay. You dont have to pack your day full of things only to wish you hadnt and cancel.
I learned that i need to not schedule so much at once and have sometime to myself
I am me
How apropos! This meditation was so on point! I’ve sent it to myself!
entry 2
I had felt like I was starting to overload my days in an attempt to make me feel like I was giving 100%. I remebered that if you are giving 100% effort in your day then you also need to have time where you come up a full stop to recharge yourself or else you cannot perform to the best of your abilities. The two parts go hand in hand.
Today I learned that you have to organize your life in order for you to be able to live how you want to but also have time to be able to relax and whine down after working hard.
Let it flow 🦋
This reaffirms that I’m doing the right thing on my days off! I love to sleep in so I do and when I get up, I just let the day flow however it wants! Thanks Marisa 🌷
I understand how the decisions I make will open doors to opportunities and I must be willing to take chances. Often, I second guess myself or seek reassurance. Venture out and live without regret, really being free.
I didn't learn anything from this! The voice was Mrs Monotone and very boring. I want to be able to pick my own tracks for my own needs why can't I do this?
Crazy Busy Balance
How we spend our time is our choice! What a wonderful reminder to take care of yourself. Plan for your future self's needs! wow
I felt desperate for relaxation and recovery
I need to stop taking on tasks I don’t feel I have the energy to fulfill. My spiritual/emotional well-being needs recovery too.
Hard to be there for yourself
I find it hard often to schedule my routine with enough time for myself. The life of a college student working 10 hours a week with really difficult engineering homework and tons of lectures seems like a gigantic load, but I can take on less in my scheduling. I do not have to cram in activities that bring me no joy and seem distracting and I can be there more for myself then for others or my schedule.
wann und wie planen
Es ist unsere eigene Entscheidung, wie wir unsere Zeit planen. “Me-Time“ ist wichtig, und sollte immer Priorität haben. An sein “zukünftiges Ich“ denken, “ist der Termin/Verabredung wirklich nötig? werde ich vllt doch im letzten Moment absagen?“
I decided to do this meditation on my way to work on the bus while it was raining and it was great
I learned to take my troubles and wash them away with the rain .
I noticed that I do a lot of things in my day that I just don’t want to do that make me feel miserable and sad. For example my work I feel that though it’s giving me a little bit of money the time and effort I put into it is not enough. I would rather be at home improving on myself and relaxing.
first day
Today is my first day using the aura app and it was something that I needed urgently. Who knew 3 minutes of relaxation could help you through your entire day. I hope to see better results through out my journey with the app.
Even though I’m busy interacting with people in my social life, personal, and business it’s okay to want to take time out to relax for myself. The only person who has control over my schedule is me and I control how hectic or relaxed I want it to be.!
Day 45
Back to the present, this was a good session. I often overwhelm myself with tasks that seem more daunting then they are. I’m here. Now. I’ve always handled them. I always will
I got school work, chores, sports, church, etc. It is hard to do without being tired and stressed.
Make a schedule, or skip something that is not important and rest.
Nothing new but good
Well it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know but it was helpful reinforcement and added some color to the idea of choice and relaxation.
I am just so overwhelmed. I feel defeated. It feels like the whole universe is not on my side. I feel isolated. Hopeless. Guilty. Anxious. Uncomfortable. Weak and cowardly like my mother calls me. She's probably right. I have a lot on my plate. I didn't ask for any of it. It just came, like a surprise guest. And me, the naive and unsuspecting host tried to accommodate it, to embrace it. To work with it. I thought I could handle anything that was thrown my way. How foolish I must be. But then came a huge blow to my life. A huge failure. I feel so ashamed and I question my competence. I question whether I can pull myself back up. After this failure, I don't know how I can get back to my game. I keep messing up. People will like me less and less. I push people away without meaning to. I am so scared all the time and I feel so disheartened and demoralized. I don't expect anyone to understand so I don't even share my problems with anybody completely. And I was never good at expressing my emotions or articulating my thoughts well anyway.
A friend block me
Last night a friend blocked me from a periscope an that made me feel very uncomfortable an last night we both talked it out an today I feel sad about it I talk with him when I was in his scope when he blocked me he said in a cool way that we still friends an we both need to take a break from each other an when he does feel like unblocking me I will feel very happy . Today has not been a good day
Scheduling Less
Sometimes it is hard to find a balance in life to make that time to do things you enjoy or spend time with people. I know when my schedule isn’t jammed pack with obligations and I can have some time to myself I am a much happier person. And, I do feel in most cases we can choose how we spend our time.
Million thoughts
I reduced my anxiety for planning what I am going to do first
Only I can change my life.
I love the way this meditation highlights it’s the simple things we do in every day living that make the biggest changes.
Day 1
It's not going to be easy for me especially but you have to selfishly learn to say NO
My Time, My Choice
I often feel ‘lazy’ for not being 100% productive. I try and fit in as many things/ tasks to complete. My daily To-Do lists become overwhelming. I end up feeling pressured to even do things I enjoy as part of my TO DO. Slow down... Have an hour, or a day where my mind and body is allowed to rest. Don’t book appointments, don’t feel pressured to do a chore or workout. Have time with myself and do what my body and mind wants and needs. Maybe I want to read, mediate, watch tv, nap or go for a walk or maybe I might want to clean but give myself free time.
Why not
I learned that no matter ho busy we are, if we make time for so many other things..... why not do the same for our selfs and just schedule your self some time just to meditate!
Amy Sue
Time is ours
We have control over how we spend our time. I didn’t agree at first but I paused to reflect. It is so basic- we are in control of how we spend our time. Work is different of course. But otherwise, we’re the scheduler and it’s up to us.
I never seem to fully break free from constantly worrying about the future. I did learn today that I need to look at my present moment in time and realize that I am safe and nothing bad is happening right now.
Time is short
Time is short, we have this one specific life to live and I am constantly overthinking, over analyzing every single task. I’m basically a professional list maker when it comes to getting everything done. I need to make more time for myself and just let my mind relax and calm down. I am going to start finding time throughout the day to re-center, breathe, and find inner calmness. 🤍
I’ve started drawing and walking more. Helps a lot with the mind. Drawing uses both sides of the brain. Walking helps with dopamine and serotonin I think, something like that 👍🏼
I spend a great deal of my time on tasks that fulfill other people’s expectations of me. I especially appreciate the part where she mentioned anticipating the needs of my future self. I think that will be my meditation for the next few days
My Time My Choice
To gain a sense of validation in clearing my schedule to embrace my time focusing on living better mentally, emotionally and physically - removes the unwanted guilt.
Schedule yourself time to relax
I’m at my best when I pace and pay attention to what I’m using my time for. Also what I’m thinking about. And to do self care several times a day. Also that people need socializing. Something to look forward to
My choice my time
I decide how I want to spend my time. Don’t waste it on worry