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COVID-19 Symptom Relief Hypnosis

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
As we are going through the pandemic of COVID-19 it is upsetting and distressing especially if we ourselves or our loved ones are tested positive. This is the time when we need to remain calm so our body can heal to its full potential. Learn to relax and heal your body. This is suitable for Covid-19 symptoms relief and gives positive reinforcements to the subconscious mind. Be in a safe and calm space and do not listen to this while driving or operating machinery.
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2 reflections
I’m can’t stop thinking about kambrisha
I learned that if I relax it will take my mind off of my friend kambrisha who recently died from the COVID-19 she had kidney stones and she tested positive for the COVID-19 that really scared me to death when I was at my old house I called up my stepmom JoAnn she had asked me what was wrong I told her everything that was bothering me and when my grandma suggested that she’d break the news I thought to myself well why didn’t brother Justin or my Sunday school teacher Eric tell me I knew kambrisha I’ve known her since we were kids in school purple was her favorite color Doritos were her favorite chips so I learned that if I relax and take my mind off of it it will go away every day I think about kambrisha I picture her in my mind 2021 was the year she died she was only 30 years old when she died so I noticed that when people ask me if I am ok & they see me upset it’s because I am still thinking about kambrisha because kambrisha and I are good friends we’re still good friends I feel so much more relaxed because it’s a brand new day god says to me Margo kambrisha is fine she is with me she is not sick anymore I pray for peace and patience and love & joy every day lunch dinner breakfast morning and night
I don’t bring anything up anymore
I don’t bring anything up anymore because I don’t like people yelling at me because I’m the one who has to always get the blame or I get called up I am sick and tired of being blamed for everything that happens around here I’ve noticed that if I pray I am well relaxed and ready for another day tomorrow and I let the good lord take my worries and give him all my tears because I’m seriously getting sick and tired of of family issues and I give that to god as well I don’t like being questioned about anything because it always turns out into a big big fight and I don’t like being fought with I just hate to admit it but I have my dad who I am close to & my stepmom that is who I am close with I just feel like people tell me that I like to lie it’s not true we’re not perfect I get yelled at or fussed at like it’s my fault I really don’t like that so I learned that I stay completely calm and way away from my family things will get better