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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
When there is a willingness to open the heart to what we have been closed to - it is courageous. Begin to forge a new relationship from the heart with yourself and with others.
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Walter J
I wished I could have heard Dea’s words. The volume on her was too low while the volume on the waterfall was so high it was deafening and it was very hard to hear her. I heard the word courage and something about it being of the heart. Hopefully they can remix it and re-release it! I would like to hear it all!
I think this would be a great meditation if Dea would record it again with the water and music not so loud. I could hear snippets of what she said, but the background sound covered most of it. Maybe I missed some of the lessons in this! Being okay with what is, not judging, being present instead of focusing in what might be! I’ll have to go back to download this and change my rating!
The only thing that can be heard is the background noise. Couldn’t hear a word of what was said.
Totally ruined the meditation. Am sad I spent my daily meditation opportunity on this one 🙁
I was struggling to hear this. I thought something was wrong with my phone! Until I read the reflections of others. That's too bad. 🤷‍♀️