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Counting the Beats

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Jim Blanks
Emily wakes in the middle of the night and watches the stars before resting with her mother. Episode 3 of Soothing Stories for the Month of April.
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The comfort of being close with your mom. Feeling safe and loved. I miss that so much. I’ve never really had that same feeling in my life as I did when I was young and with my mom. Cherish and be kind to those you love.
Counting the Beats
This storyteller has a marvelous voice. I found it captivating. I love the details he presented and found that I hung on every word. The counting of the bears was Emily’s mother’s heart. I didn’t expect that at all. I thought it would be a cricket or a frog outside. New house, new sounds, silence and Mama and daughter who both can’t sleep in the newness and quiet. of their new country home. What a simple but rich story of home, love and adaptation. I loved this story.