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Cool and Comfortable Eyes

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Give your eyes the rest it deserves! Let it cool down and let it be at ease
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Cool & Comfortable Eyes
As I waked today I was especially grateful for my vision that blessed me with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Fall color. How appropriate to end my day relaxing my eyes.
The way we perceive life differ depending on our eyes - the windows to our mind & soul I am grateful for my vision
I learned to notice when my eyes are becoming tired and to remember to give them a break from screen time.
Comfortable Eyes
The back of your eyes can hold a lot of stress & it can really help to give the whole body a break especially your eyes.
Through your work, I am learning to relax. Thank you, I apréciate your teachings.
Realeyez & Visualeyez It
Not only does our body need to rest. So do our eyes. You wouldn’t realeyez until you allow your eyes to relax. To give them permission. Nostrils to breathe. I now recognize how much we need to give them a break. Until our slumber, they’re only allowed to rest for a split second until they have to open again. Blink and you’ll miss something. Our eyes are the key to how we make sense of the world. We can see beautiful things. Miracles.. and we can also see cruel, sad or disheartening things. Things we cannot unsee and yet, we can see them so vividly. Most times without our permission or forewarning. So, I permit my eyes to rest. From all of the things that take away my peace. And acknowledge how much I take them for granted. Rest now. Rest well.
Liesel :)
Eyes vs Breathing
It was interesting to hear a meditation focusing on a body part besides one deeply associated with breathing. Anyone have similar suggestions for a meditation?
Didn’t realize that focusing on the relaxation of my eyes could help so much
Focus on the eyes
I enjoyed this. My eyes were achy and tense and I can really notice this when trying to go to sleep. I can feel it in my forehead as well and sometimes place my hand to really relax. It was nice to focus on the eyes and release tension.
Comfort in The Eyes
I have a daily routine I follow; I wake at 8am everyday and workout. After every workout I meditate so that I can rest and relax my body after a hard workout. Meditation doesn’t just relax and rest my body it also relaxes my mind and motivates me to keep following my daily routine everyday
I noticed that my breathing and my eyes were in harmony. I felt cool and my breathing was deep. The seven minutes was over even before I knew it!
Cool and Comfortable Eyes...
I learned about taking small amounts of time to give my eyes the necessary rest to avoid eye strain and work without feeling like any light will just burn. For me, as an autistic adult, this is a fairly frequent occurrence and the best thing for me to do when it happens is to immediately dim my surroundings, but that only works if I could anticipate it happening. I need to be more aware of how my eyes feel before this happens. I need to just stop what I’m doing and settle down under a blanket until the stabbing pain goes away.
Walter J
Comforting ...
A unique idea to help yourself relax by focusing on the eyes. I found it very effective and would be great to do during the day after staring at our screens too long!! Thanks Nitima! ❤️👁🍀
Strain on our eyes may become frequent due to stress and all that we bare with technology, this is a great meditation to ease and allow some peace and comfort.