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Consciousness Vs Content

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Daniel Roquéo
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Along the path of freedom and awakening, we eventually come to the awareness that we are not merely humans. We come to realize that we are not our thoughts, emotions, bodies, or experiences but that we are the consciousness that experiences all of these. This realization is the beginning of freedom as it allows us to not be run by whatever comes into our awareness - not even our own thoughts and perceptions. I invite you to join me as we explore the difference between consciousness and content.
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4 reflections
The ocean analogy is perfect. I’ve had so much content floating around in me I could barely take a step and spent most days sitting motionless in the same chair. Now I’m engaged in the world, very fluid as I engage with others, fluid as I work the soil and plant flowers and vegetables, fluid as I hug my grandchildren and feel them leaning into me.
A Spanish philosopher called Ortega y Gasset once said " I am myself and my circumstances". This analogy of the ocean is very similar.
The releasing of it feels so liberating. Abs. I have those moments where I can realize I am not my things, my job, my circumstances or even my age I can begin to realize all is truly well ❤️, .
I had to listen to this session again and the ocean analogy is so perfect. We do this to ourselves. People see us as the content, we are taught this. I see now why the process of “unlearning” is so important. The “I am” is tied to all this content (the thoughts, the experiences, the things we own). Coming back to “I am” is being nobody, nothing, just consciousness and loving energy. Working on this really does allow to free ourselves from the past and limiting beliefs. Slowly but I know surely it will be. So much work to be done 😊🙏🏻
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