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Conquering Tasks: a To-Do List Strategy

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
This to-do list strategy can truly simplify your life. Let’s get down to a survival mindset when we tackle our list and notice how much easier everything becomes. This technique works for anyone with a busy list of daily tasks, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and dreamers. It all boils down to just 3 things. Check out the strategy in this 3-minute session. -Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
From the community
11 reflections
Focusing on one thing might be hard to a few people, and that is what is hard for me. This audio guide helped me to stay focused more than I did before I had listened to this.
Three biggies
I really like the concept of focusing on the three tasks i want to accomplish for the day. It helps declutter my mind and takes weight off my shoulders.
i like the idea of focusing on three biggies from a to-do list before tackling everything else. it’s almost like having a list within a list, and it’s nice to have some separation between the need-to-dos and the should-dos.
This is a very different meditation for me and I enjoyed seeing what else aura has to offer. I like the idea of 3 biggies and that I can use meditation in so many areas of my life.
Extremely helpful
It really made me feel like I had a chance to be less stressed in the future by using the 3 biggies
Great Advice
I actually did what was said. It ended up making me feel much less stressed, as I knew what I needed to do.
The 3 biggies
Wow. Priorities are another of my struggles. I basically just wait until the last minute and try to cram it all in. This is a concept I now remember learning about it like the 5th grade. Obviously didn’t take to it! Think I’m going to try a different way. My new and different ways of living are going to need a really big piece/pieces of paper.... Still willing- anything that helps me find the me I lost.
This morning’s quote
That was one of the most beautiful ways to speak of being down so far. And it us so true. I am grateful for having a new perspective on living life in a deep chasm. I can see that I have learned so many things that most people couldn’t even begin to know. Maybe I wasn’t as “lost” as I thought I was; maybe I am just part of the species that could only grow in the darkness. Or the”dark night of the soul “ lasts for about 40 years when one is not “getting it”! This world would have eaten me alive without the lessons that are just now beginning to make sense- now that I see the pieces, i can start putting them in order. A beautiful picture will come to light. And that light will know where and when to be! Cool.
I have always heard that we should do our most dreaded tasks first, but all the explanations have not stood out and been an eye opener to me like this one. This was very Informative, but so easy to understand
I need to focus on my main problems first. Then focus on my next problems or things.
Don’t procrastinate
Do what needs to be done first. Not what you want to do because this will cause stress