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Conquering Tasks: a To-Do List Strategy

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
This to-do list strategy can truly simplify your life. Let’s get down to a survival mindset when we tackle our list and notice how much easier everything becomes. This technique works for anyone with a busy list of daily tasks, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and dreamers. It all boils down to just 3 things. Check out the strategy in this 3-minute session. -Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
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Focusing on one thing might be hard to a few people, and that is what is hard for me. This audio guide helped me to stay focused more than I did before I had listened to this.
Three biggies
I really like the concept of focusing on the three tasks i want to accomplish for the day. It helps declutter my mind and takes weight off my shoulders.
i like the idea of focusing on three biggies from a to-do list before tackling everything else. it’s almost like having a list within a list, and it’s nice to have some separation between the need-to-dos and the should-dos.
This is a very different meditation for me and I enjoyed seeing what else aura has to offer. I like the idea of 3 biggies and that I can use meditation in so many areas of my life.
Extremely helpful
It really made me feel like I had a chance to be less stressed in the future by using the 3 biggies
Great Advice
I actually did what was said. It ended up making me feel much less stressed, as I knew what I needed to do.
The 3 biggies
Wow. Priorities are another of my struggles. I basically just wait until the last minute and try to cram it all in. This is a concept I now remember learning about it like the 5th grade. Obviously didn’t take to it! Think I’m going to try a different way. My new and different ways of living are going to need a really big piece/pieces of paper.... Still willing- anything that helps me find the me I lost.
This morning’s quote
That was one of the most beautiful ways to speak of being down so far. And it us so true. I am grateful for having a new perspective on living life in a deep chasm. I can see that I have learned so many things that most people couldn’t even begin to know. Maybe I wasn’t as “lost” as I thought I was; maybe I am just part of the species that could only grow in the darkness. Or the”dark night of the soul “ lasts for about 40 years when one is not “getting it”! This world would have eaten me alive without the lessons that are just now beginning to make sense- now that I see the pieces, i can start putting them in order. A beautiful picture will come to light. And that light will know where and when to be! Cool.
I have always heard that we should do our most dreaded tasks first, but all the explanations have not stood out and been an eye opener to me like this one. This was very Informative, but so easy to understand
I need to focus on my main problems first. Then focus on my next problems or things.
Don’t procrastinate
Do what needs to be done first. Not what you want to do because this will cause stress
I like it
I spend too much time making long laundry lists of all the tasks that need to be done, but if I just came up with 3 biggies, I could spend less time compiling and more time digging in.
Common ground
I learned that I’m not the only one who feels as though humans aren’t equipped to comprehend and deal with the things that we do now as modern man.
3 biggies
By doing the 3 most important tasks of the day or for tomorrow, I think it could really help me in the future by not being stressed or overwhelmed with a long lists of untouched tasks.
Get things done
I learned that you need to do the most imporntant things that you have to do for the day First, the other things are just a bonus
The to-do list
I’ve always been one to write things down that I’ve done just to cross them off the to do list to feel accomplished. This helped me realize that I am not alone in thinking 💭 and feeling anxious 😟 about all the items that need to be crossed off of the to do list. Thank you for the insight. SCD.
I need to get my priorities straight, I take note of a lot of things that aren’t urgent
Survival Mode
Human beings were not designed to approach various, multifaceted tasks all at once. Our evolutionary history dictated that our main priority was survival - food, shelter and security. Productivity coaches suggest that each day, you select your three ‘biggest’ or most important tasks, and work to complete them. If you happen to finish them early and then decide to work on another task as well, then that is great, too; but do not feel as if you have to do more than three big tasks a day.
Three biggies
Select only three things you need to do so you don’t get bogged down and distracted with other tasks. Do. Those. Things.
I learned that it is true that we often get so caught up in ALL that we have to do, to the point that we feel overwhelmed and can’t do it all in a day. And it’s true! Humans weren’t designed to carry all that we do today. We have been so overwhelmed in american society to constantly work, eat well, be a good person, etc. with only so many hours in the day. To focus on getting THREE things done, it creates a main need/desire to accomplish those things within a day, with nothing else weighing ya down. What a good talk. 🙂
3 biggies
Start each day with 3 tasks on to do instead of 200000. Try not to be overwhelmed
Top three tasks
I love the idea of slimming my to-do list down to a top three list! Thank you for the recommendation! I am finding, in attempting to get my “work feet” back under myself, that when I run into a wall, i tend to shut down...I have major issues with switching gears.😰 Plus, having lost all of my resources, it's difficult to develop new paths to achieve my ends. For example, to create a physical timeline display for my client, I had envisioned using a resource I used to use for decorative metal castings...but they do not have what I am looking for now. In the past, I would have just fabricated the pieces I needed on my in-shop equipment. I no longer have that luxury, however! So I am brainstorming ways to create the parts I need through other means. I have two outsource options, but both will require me to supply source material I am currently incapable of creating...I'm close to washing my hands of the project or begging off all together, frankly!😪
Make a list of three things
One of the biggest things that stress me out is making a list that never seems to end but I learned that making a list of three things only will relieve stress and make me feel accomplished.
3 biggies
This made me really think about what order I do things throughout the day and how it side tracks me. I do seem to get side tracked often. Tonight I am going to think about what are the most important things and the tasks that are involved to protect them. I will put my 3 biggies at the top of the list. It might change my routine and feel a little strange, but will end up with a more positive outcome.
Conquering tasks
I learned that I shouldn’t overwhelm myself with a million page to-do list which I usually write so I will not forget anything. Every day I should focus on doing 3 main things and to start with the hardest first so I do not get side-tracked.
Conquering to dos
I learned that I need to finish the big items on my task list so that I can feel accomplished and empowered instead of avoiding them, pushing them to the next day and continuously feeling bad that I still have yet to finish them.
Too much
I didn’t learn much I understand the concept but when you are a teen with many things it hard to just focus on three especially when 2 are school and work
I reflected on how much time I waste making/ staring at to do list instead of getting things done.
Task Manager
I’ll admit, the concept of focusing on three major tasks each is new to me. Not only am I a housewife with a baby on the way but also a college student. The college student mindset is that one needed to do 4 hours of work for each class and I would usually have 7-10 classes each semester. So now, even after graduating 3 years ago, I have this drive to get 14 hours of work done each day and if I don’t I feel like I failed my husband and proceed to beat myself up about it. So this will push me in a direction of slowing done while still getting tasks done.
Doing tasks you need to do
Just doing 3 biggy things you need to do just that day can help you get things done instead of doing easy things done like checking your email only to find your self checking other emails that waste your time .
Today was a reawakening moment that something that was said to me was very valid and to keep going
Keep going, it's a work in progress. Everything is not going to happen exponentially fast. It's going to take time and dedication.
It’s what I knew but said it in a way that feels new
It is telling me to prioritize. It isn’t saying to only ever do three things. But, when you start with the most important ones and finish, you often feel ready to do more. The less urgent items can wait. There’s a sense of accomplishment in finishing important items even more than just checking items off the list.
So True
The lesson is simple, but completely allows you to get ZERO done. Just doing the 3 biggies first (without adding easier tasks in the middle because you feel sorry for yourself) allows you to be happy 😊 and feel capable. You take control of your situation, not the other way around. Feel 😊🙃💦🌈☀️🌷🌹💐🍀🌺🌸🌼🌻 and have a great day!
Conquer the big tasks first
If I get at my 3 big tasks first I’ll feel energized to accomplish my other mini tasks!
3 big tasks
I learned that in order to conquer my to-do list, I need to start with just 3 tasks, but make it my most challenging tasks in order to reach my goals by not getting sidetracked by the less important items on my to-do list.
So many tasks!
Completing and conquering my various tasks of the day are highly important to me feeling productive and on track. I tend to procrastinate, completely avoid or stress about and multi task my countless tasks to complete. But now, starting today I’m going to focus on my three biggies. The smaller stuff I can handle at another time. :p
This is so true, we should ALWAYS put the hard stuff up front. When we do the day will feel more accomplished in the very end. If we complete our harder tasks up front then the small things will just breeze by and we will have more “me” time at the end of the day.
It reminds me of the lesson of the frogs that you eat the biggest one first and go down from largest
To not get overwhelmed by a large list and by doing the three most important can help you feel accomplished
Conquering Tasks
I learned to simplify to the big three things you have to do - and accomplishing them - will give me a sense of getting on top of things. By having to think about what really needs to get done I can simplify my life and have less stress and more success. Sounds good me!!
Taking in all that she said, I am going to try and focus on 3 main tasks. I think this is going to be really helpful :)
‘Bout coach be4 sleep
I just tried to hear something relax 4 sleep, but the coach before the bed it’s kind off stressful 4 starts tomorrow
Accomplish 3 to Reenergize
I need to set out to accomplish less on my to-do list by choosing the 3 most important ones. Complete them with laser focus so I’m reenergized to get to smaller tasks next.
Do what is most important
When I think about doing my 3 biggies, I notice that it is these 3 things that are causing me the most stress and anxiety. It’s tough to think about/ do the 3 biggies which is why we procrastinate. We must push through and get them done because it is so rewarding
You caught me...🤦🏼‍♀️
....procrastinating again with my cellphone! I have been dealing with overcoming and beating the heck out of procrastination but here I am cellphone in hand. I am actually somewhat upset with myself as I have taken a break from what I need to do that has lasted far too long. Thank you!! Back to work now.
What I need to work on
I need to start prioritizing everything. Make sure I get done what I need to. And stop procrastinating.
This only made me more stressed out. I was looking for something to help me fall asleep and this is what came up. It didn’t work.
What I’ve learned
I’m focusing on a lot of tertiary tasks which is leading me to feeling more and more overwhelmed by the simplest of things.... this taught me how to narrow things down and tackle the most immediate first with time and practice I should feel less pressurised.
This topic was very on point for my day I need to focus on smaller tasks to complete in the morning and sets of tasks at a time instead of overall tasks and jumping from one to the next.
Day 3
I learnt that you should focus on the 3 big things you have to do in your day before stressing about the other things!
Dealing with stress
I learned that stress will happen in life but how we choose to deal with it will affect the stress.
Conquering tasks
I learned that choosing three tasks to focus on each day can be very motivating and leads to success.
Life skills
Sunday’s are my day to spend getting ready for the week and building relationships. Laughing, laundry, and food top the list of the three most important things. Just for a moment, I reminded myself I am living and loving life one moment at a time.
Walter J
It makes sense, prioritizing all my tasks down to three major ones will give me more sense of control of my schedule. As I complete those bigger things then the other ones will seem easier to do when I can get to them. Plus it’s great to get some positive energy from completing meaningful tasks to build momentum for the rest of the day! 🤔 Time to test it out...
Survival is first and to keep 3 main goals to accomplish a day
Conquering tasks
I learned to have three main focuses each day that I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get them done. We were not made to have so many things going on at the same time so if I get all three things done, the rest is just a bonus!
This came to me at the perfect time, all of the things don’t have to be done today. We let it bog us down we let it cause tension and friction and stress, which builds on top Of the stress we already have from everything else in our existence.
3 Things
I liked this strategy of the 3 big things to accomplish in a day.
the first meditation
i learned that it's important to shut your thoughts out, and if it's just for 5 minutes a day, give yourself that time to fully concentrate on your body and your mental health
Keeping focus
I felt the need to stray away from my problems. My only issues really reside in my love life, but its always deeper than that. Its in the feeling of needing to be valuable to someone else, its in my impatience, its in my need to feel alive through another person. But really, i need to feel alive through my self. I need to keep my focus away from any validation from another human being, bc i have to learn to focus on myself, and my own way of replenishing me through me. That will keep me doing what is right for myself.
I felt my mind wandering to tasks that were given to me already today
Top 3
I often get distracted and don’t get enough tasks done in the day. This basically says when you write out your to do list pick the top three each day to make sure that you get those done and I think that’s very manageable. I will be using this method to see if I can get some more things done.
Felt good
I learned that I should try to motivate myself more into being okay
mostly I struggle with beginning and after beginning, I struggle with focussing and it's getting clearer to me that I need to work on my overwhelm and fear...I need to look deeper and hold my fears as they show up fully.
felt notice learned
i felt like it caan be easy i have thing to do today too and three things is good cause there the most important but long ..ugh meditations over ..distractions already starting ..gotta go
what changes
I noticed during my aura that I need to make time for important things and not stupid (sorry) things
Power nap
Rejuvenate one’s own body and mind to further progress through an encumbrance.
3 biggies
when I am feeling unfocused and like I am making many small errors because I am not present, it is often because I have forced myself into a state of needing to get too much done that I forget to put what is important first.
I just stumbled upon this one and I thought I should share it with y’all because recently these meditations have really been helping me.
3 Tasks
What are my 3 most important tasks. this really does help to slow down my mind.
3 Tasks
Jeden Morgen aufstehen, mit 3 Aufgaben, die gemacht werden müssen. Lieber voller Fokus auf diese 3, als auf alle 100 anderen Sachen der To-Do List “3Biggies“
Conquering tasks
I really love.this advice! There are many days that I let the little things consume me and the big things go undone. Thank you
3 “Biggies”
I learned that I’m frequently overwhelmed with daily tasks because I’m thinking about all of them at once. I learned that even while listening to this meditation, my thoughts gravitated toward “what are the 3 most anxiety-filled tasks that I *need* to take care of today??” ...but at the end I learned that a more simplified, peaceful, and productive life can be found by going back to survival mode—food, shelter, security. I learned that I may not be where I want to be, but I do have food in my belly, a roof over my head, and the security of a loving God and loving family supporting me in my hopes and dreams. Everything else I do on this day are just a bonus! I don’t need to do them, I *get* to do them! If I start off with these simple, yet so profound “biggies” in my life, how could I not feel so accomplished at the beginning of the day? Greatest of all, I’m learning to love myself, the people around me, and the life that I live. ♥️ #takethatanxietyanddepression 👊☺️
my mom was right
My mom always told me when you are lost or scared go into survival mode and do what the most important Of course now my journey is not need to go into survival every day
I felt
Empowered to get my to do list done! Starting with the big three.
Less is More
I felt that focusing on the three most important tasks I need to do will greatly help me actually get more done! I appreciate this session and the encouragement!
not what i expected
this is not why a listened to this audio, but it kinda helped me in another way. maybe I'm stressed and sad and angry idk
I learned that I need to be told simple things sometimes like coping, I am human and I will adapt and cope with anything.
I learned that the present is the Most important thing to feel, just Slow Down and remember that.
conquering the task
I learned that I should have to do list everyday and should try to complete those tasks as much as I can
Task Managing
Focus on the 3 biggest projects each day that I need to get done, finish those FIRST, and then move on to the smaller items on my to-do list.
I learned that I should really start with my most urgent thing to do because I often think about it but don't really do it. And because of that I also feel tired and disappointed in myself. This really helped now.
I learned that I am doing this without thinking about it. It works and really focuses my mind and work ethic.
3 Biggies
I learned that I always tend to focus on those three biggies. It makes me not so bad about the rest. Man, I'm surviving! However, the rest of that list is more than ten items, and I do need to learn how to conquer those patiently as well. I keep having to remind myself, "One thing at a time, girl. Just take care of one thing at a time!"
Managing tasks better
I’ve always been told to break every task down into smaller, more manageable tasks, but as someone who finds it difficult to complete tasks with more than 2 parts, I find this 3 biggie/priority to do list is a really good idea. I shall implement it right away. I learnt I need to make many tasks into simpler, more categorised tasks. Although there’ll be more to do per task, it’ll look like less work to me.
Oh, I get overwhelmed by my to do list fairly easily. There's so much I need to get done in so little time, and part of the reason why my time is even more scant than it would have been had I stayed focused is because I procrastinate. I get overwhelmed and then I do nothing about it. It's a vicious cycle. I have a list of things to do. I get stressed. To cope with the stress I sleep/procrastinate/do something else. Then I get even more stressed because I didn't finish all my tasks. The tasks accumulate. And then the cycle repeats.
The Power of 3 tasks
I learned that when I overwhelm myself with alot of tasks I need to accomplish and I get down when I dont do them. This talk showed me that instead of trying to conquer all of them, just conquer the 3 most important tasks of the day that way it keeps me focus of what truly important or what can be pushed back so I dont have to be overwhelmed or disheartened not completing all the things in my to-do list.
I find I often have a ton of things I feel are absolutely necessary to get done. My to do list is huge. I will give this "focus on three tasks" a shot and see what happens.
Yes, I can do it
I learned that I need to make a list of the 3 big things every day. Especially right now, today, even though half the day is over. I need to make a list right now and I can accomplish those things. Anything else will be a bonus.
I often get distracted & overwhelmed by all my to do lists.
3 biggies each day is great way to simplify. This will help me circumvent disappointment & frustration with my self.
Just 3 not 10
I often feel overwhelmed & disappointed in myself because I can’t accomplish them all or get stuck on 1 of them for hrs. For example, today I was determined to delete & organize my 3,000+ photos on my phone. After 2 hrs I stopped. My inner critic started up. Not even a 3 biggie. Lol. I’m going to give the 3 biggie a try. It feels like it might be a breath of fresh air.
The 3 Biggies
I’ve never been about to-do lists because I never, and I mean NEVER, finish them. I like this idea of making a list of your 3 BIGGIES - tasks that must get done and loom over us when we leave them unfinished. Imagine the sense of accomplishment we would feel completing those. Everything else is icing on the cake!
3 biggies
The three biggies approach can definitely be helpful and is something I’ll try to remember in the future.
I understand that we, often, get side-tracked, what with so many things piling one on top of the others. It’s good to organize oneself to feel useful; accomplished.
Whoa, three things
I realized, I thought about that quote from when I first opened the app today, about the best moments in life not being the grand or fantastic ones, but when we touch peoples souls, and that’s what I want to focus on next time I am stressed about not having crazy lined up plans all the time, because having those plansdoesn’t always make life great,
Don’t take advantage
People think that I am not strong and can easily defeat me and I feel like that is not right.
The author is a good person... whelp I’m going to mendetate I know mendentate is spelled wrong twice but my phone is rrrreeeallly dumb and damn stupid STUPID PHONE... sorry it doesn’t show the word on the keyboard thingy
Don’t be afraid
Sometimes it’s hard to figure things out during stressful times, but you can always take advantage of the resources that you have to help you through. Take your life one step at a time and live in the present.
Time Matters
I liked how she pointed out that we should do the urgent things and the ones we’ve been delaying first because they are the ones that will weigh on us the most if we don’t get them done.
throughout this meditation i felt that it was really helping me to focus on procrastinating less, but as it talking upon distractions, i got a little distracted myself from the outside world :/
Still kinda stuck
When she boils it down to the survival concept it makes anything else seem meaningless. I still have things I should do but they aren't vital for survival and I'm still left not knowing where to start
I think this might help
For a long time I’ve been having trouble cleaning my room without getting distracted, maybe I should just do it step by step.
Whoa, only 3?
Boiling down a to-do list to three big things is hard. Perhaps a substitute would be keeping your original list but singling out our three biggies to do first, and as the most important.
3 biggies . Day 2
I always wake up feeling drained. I recently started journaling, writing down what I want to accomplish. I always tell myself I’m going to get up and go for a walk or wake up early and do something outside, tomorrow I am going to. I need more energy & I need to do what I say I’m going to do.
3 Biggies
I certainly relate to always feeling disappointment in myself. There are so many tasks to accomplish both in my personal and professional life and I seem to never make a dent. Lists have never been for me as it seems very “in my face” at the end of the day what I did not accomplish, as it always outweighs what was accomplished. After listening to this lesson, I see that the way I have been working is the negative approach. Outlining 3 focus points for each day is perfect. Even if I only finish 2 of the 3, that is a 67% success rate vs. my normal 10%. Thank you for the lesson and the comment surrounding focusing on survival, it certainly puts things in perspective.
3 Biggies
Going to try this tomorrow and see where that takes me? I often put k off smaller more manageable items thinking I’ll get space then to complete the larger tasks. In fact I prolong my day and don’t get started until later I. And then have myself under unrealistic deadlines
3 Biggies
I felt that this strategy would definitely alleviate stress and anxiety. Most of the time, my to do list depresses and the amount hinders me from getting anything done most times. Choosing 3 will help me prioritize and get things done!
3 Biggies
I learned that prioritising 3 biggies is the path to moving forward and lightening my load and forgiving myself for procrastination habits. Tackle, tackle, tackle.
3 big ones
Sounds very achievable. My good friend told me once to swallow the ugly toad first thing in the morning- attempt the hardest one first and the other two tasks follow easily
3 big tasks first
It makes a lot of sense but even as I was thinking of the big ones, I was thinking about the little ones I could out first!! Therefore I'm going to try this one today!
3 biggies
Great concept, I am keen to give this a try. It makes sense to break them down into three and hit the toughest first.
Can’t stand the feeling of not liking my daughter. I don’t like looking at her, listening to her nonsense, and having fits of people don’t think and believe the way she does.
I learned that the best way for me to avoid the tremendous amount of anxiety and stress she brings, is to lie to her and tell her everything she wants to hear or remove myself completely from her. That’s becoming more and more like the way I should go. Some mothers and daughters just never get along and they become estranged. This looks more and more evident of the path my life may take me. It’s to late for her to become that sweet young lady who had such passion for dance like I thought she would grow up to be. Instead I’ve got a fucked up butch dyke who’ll probably be pierced all over with tattoos and acclimate with the wrong crowd. My dreams are becoming my worse nightmare. I still can’t see her as an adult. Something is going to happen. Watch 🥺
Focus on the 3 BIGGEES for the day...Plain n Simple. I think if I can truly focus on this concept it will certainly simplify the chaos in my mind that stands in my way each day of accomplishing my goals. Thank you!
I need to get done what I say I’m going to do
I learned in the morning while waking up that I need to go over my day more and write things done more often
Sounds so simple
All the little to do’s actually can fit into one of the 3 biggies that needs to get done. 3 biggies are more manageable and easily prioritized than making an endless list that can make one feel like we can never accomplish one task. I learned that I need to step back and look at what 3 biggies needs to get done for that day and as a result can feel like I truly accomplished the most important tasks.
Only upon listening to this trick did I think about “survival of the fittest” also refers to mental fitness. Building good habits and discipline sounds like I need to work on mind as if it were a muscle I need to strengthen at the gym. Thank you for this perspective!!!!
I believe I Can! Choosing to select 3 Biggies/Must Do tasks at the start of each day is a concept I can jump into and go forward!!! Addressing the long To-Do List that Life and I have accumulated was overwhelming. But selecting Three “survival “ tasks at the start of the day..??..I’m all in;).
I’m learning
I am learning to try and tackle tasks one by one instead of overwhelming myself with a whole list of things to get done. I am learning to do the most important things and then worry about the little stuff.
Day one,
I am so optimistic and totally ready to try just about anything suggested for a more productive and manageable lifestyle. I wasn’t too impressed with this first session however. I think it’s simply because the making of a list starting with the 3 most important things that need attended to…. I’ve done that well in many way more then one and it’s not what works for me. I however am still remaining open and willing to hear what the next lesson has in store for me and my anxiety ridden chaotic atmosphere i refer to as my life! Fingers crossed 💪🤞🌈
My 3 Biggies - To-Do list 101
Even though I have heard this strategy previously, and have tried to implement it in my life, in fact, I have even tried doing 1 big task, but I haven’t been able to adhere to it and never get anything accomplished. I realize that it is time for a change in my productivity. What I am doing isn’t working. This I must change the channel. Today. Right now… with this new to do list strategy.