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Cognitive Restructuring

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
Cognitive Restructuring literally means changing your thoughts. -Unhooking -Cost vs. Benefit to holding the distressful thoughts -Dispute using -Facts -Alternate explanations -Exceptions -Alternate perspectives (How would your best friend describe the situation? What solutions would your best friend offer?) -Evaluate probabilities -Focus on what you can change (Your behaviors, Your emotional reactions, Your perception) -Distress tolerant thoughts -What would you tell someone else -“Nobody would want to be in a relationship with me because I am too broken”
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Words - world making
The very words I use and surround myself with Help to give a mood Create or shatter possibility Stay open to challenge or hide under the proverbial covers. I compare myself to others and that is a very old childhood adolescent revisit. ( I’m 71) Life is just life what do I want to fill the glass with Truth honesty humility openness to others ideas and contributions What would it be to have thoughts and Words that come from my heart vs words that come from my head rushing forth spilling and filling the space. More meditation and less mind jabbering ;/)
Like a friend helping me tonight!
I felt cared for like I was listening to a friend. Good reminders of techniques to change negative thoughts. Thank You!
Cognitive Restructuring
A lot of information to absorb. Very good ideas and thoughts.
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