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Cognitive Impact of Betrayal

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
+ Lowered self-esteem (Why wasn’t | good enough?) - How much of the situation had to do with you vs. your partner? - What characteristics make someone a good person? + Gives the hecklers a voice - How do you silence them? - Challenge them with “Who says?” +Questioning judgment/feeling stupid -Given the information you had at the time is it reasonable to expect you would have “known?” -What can you learn from this situation?
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Back at ease
After hearing this information, I am starting to feel a lot better. It gave me many other perspectives of my situation and most importantly the very thing I need to do!
Past vs Present
Because of betrayal, I usually assume that my current partner's behavior is a sign of cheating, just because my ex did the same thing in the past, while in fact, maybe the situation is the same, but it occurs for different reasons. I shouldn’t generalize that the same behavior is always because of infidelity. Such as when he frequently likes other girls' pictures on Instagram. It may be just a random tap, not because he is interested in that girl.
I did nothing wrong. He had a problem. I wanted to work it out because the alternative would have been an explosion in our family!
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