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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Clarity already exist within you. Find the resources from within and get tuned in.
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5 reflections
Working Through
My mind was all over the place as I started this. I was going to stop. But I stayed with it and the practice helped steady my mind to be able to let the thoughts pass without dwelling on them, or engaging them. I’m glad I stayed with it.
Marques Pizarro
I’m doing good
Lately I have been pushing my self relentlessly. Gradually, my mind went from a friend, a coach that encouraged me to be my best, to becoming a foe, a hater that used negative things to make me work. This meditation brought me back to thinking positively about things... about myself.
I took a few minutes, but as I followed her prompts to relax and let go and be right here in the now I was able to let my stress melt away.
My abilities are what allowed me to relax. I hold the power to calm myself and have clarity. Her prompts guided me and we’re so helpful. But I had to choose to follow or not. And I’m so grateful I did. I feel much more in my body and not floating in and around my head. I could take a nap I’m so calm!
Today over
I have the power to make it through today. I am strong confident and focused I can do what needs to be done
I love your gentle voice, Nitima. I really enjoyed this meditation. I'm so relaxed, at peace, and calm. When you say that I'm not needed by anyone, that grounds me. It takes the pressure off. Thank you.
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