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Choose 3: Where To Focus Your Energy

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
This quick session teaches you a framework to help calm your focus whenever you feel like there’s way too much to do. If you narrow your focus down to 3 of 6 categories in your life, you'll be able to put your attention where it's truly needed at this very moment in time. You can also listen to Marisa explain more about this exact topic in Episode #69 on The Foundation of Wellness Podcast: Visit to learn more from your health coach.
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26 reflections
Stretched Thin
Acknowledging that I myself am stretched thin has taken on a new awareness of self that I can finally see and work on changing
- self care & personal growth - social life & relationships - family & home life - exercise - diet - career * trying to jungle all 6 aspects of life and making every part so efficient is nearing impossible and certainly draining Instead choose 3 areas (or even 2) that I feel need the most focus and energy on. However, this is not a priority where the others get dismissed. Say, at the moment I’m doing well in personal growth already and this is part of my routine, my family life is great and right now exercise isn’t a focus of mine. I will still continue to do my usual good practices for personal growth and not dismiss them. I will spend more time / energy / focus on areas that need to be worked on. For me at the moment this is my social life, diet and career. Actively think more each day what I can do to benefit these areas. The chosen 3 can change daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I think fortnightly is a good time frame for me and then I can review and see if I still need further work or if there is now a different area which needs more attention. BRILLIANT WAY TO LOOK AT LIFE. I ALWAYS TRY TO BETTER EVERY ASPECT BUT IT GETS OVERWHELMING TO THE POINT WHERE I BACK AWAY AND DONT FOCUS ON ANYTHING! THIS IS A MUCH BETTER WAY TO DEVELOP!!! Xx
Focusing on a few things at a time
I realized that the reason why I am always burnt out, is because I try to do to many things at once. I just started my sophomore year of college, amidst all the things going on in the world, and lately I’ve been very not myself. This practice made me realize that I’m focusing on too much right now, and need to minimize my focus to retain my sanity
Walter J
I have juggled so many things for so many years and found myself always advancing but also not celebrating Enough and sometimes feeling totally overwhelmed with the never ending agenda of stuff to do. I will now focus on just 3 main areas for a month at a time, celebrating all the wins & noting all the learns. Then releasing , redirecting & restarting on the next set of 3: Sounds simple enough (let us hope it is) ❤️🙏🏼🍀
Choose 3
Choose 3 areas in life to focus on and only move on when you’re in autopilot or can afford to do so. Personal care.
Taking this strategy out for a spin
I have ADHD and am constantly overwhelmed in our multitasking world. This sounds a good strategy; I’m gonna give it a try! 🤪
i felt super connected with my partner, and could feel a shift starting to happen.
i shouldn’t be so afraid of the unknown. i know that the person i’m with always has my best interests.
Choose 3
I learned that It would be nice to put three focuses on the top of your list and focus on that. If we try to put our focus on everything we will feel overwhelmed which is one of my problems. I constantly have many things to do and want to do it all. I will try my best to have my focus on 3 things.
Great Start
Instead of jumping out of bed with a huge to do list, this helped me prioritize three areas of focus. A great start to my day!
I can't do everything
It's OK not to complete the list. Just choose the three important things for that moment.
Choose three for me
Differentiating between focus and priorities is a new concept for me. It gives me courage and order in times of hopelessness and overwhelm. ❤️
Brilliant idea
To pick just 3 to focus on at one time.. but doesn’t mean you can’t refocus and pick other 3. Thanks for this tip, Marissa
Pace yourself
I realized that I get so down on myself because I give myself too many things to do. Either nothing gets done, or very little gets done between a lot of tasks and I feel like I’ve failed more times than I really have. I just need to focus on a little chunk at a time and then move on
Choose 3
I learned that a reason why I subconsciously think to myself the statement “I hate myself” is because I feel like I keep failing. I’m communicating to myself that I am a failure and that being a failure is not ok.
My journey beginning
I’m Going to focus on self care, work/school and family/home life at this time
An idea I will implicate
I’m trying entirely to do it all all the time which is exactly why I haven’t succeeded in area for a long time but this was just what I needed to bring me back down to earth. And back in to FOCUS. From blurry and scattered.... To sharp and simplistic in thought and action
I noticed I focus on a lot of stuff at once
I learned that to do my best I need to narrow my focus and focus on what’s important at the time
Choose Three
I like the differentiation between focus and priority. This nuance takes the pressure off me.
Chose Three
I felt supported in knowing I can’t do it all at once and that’s okay.
Such an important reminder
I really enjoyed everything about this one. The only thing I wish is that the six areas were repeated at the end, which would make them easier to remember.
Exactly needed at this moment!!
Will be checking out the podcast…it’s that good!! I was reminded that it’s impossible to focus on all of the things, all at once. Choosing 3 feels attainable…and relieving.
Overwhelmed with my responsibilities
Trying to get a grip of it all by using mindful tools I have learned. Had a great meditation session reminding me to chose 3. To focus on Family Diet Work Family Exercise / self care Clean
I feel tired
I need to establish a routine for diet and exercise. I am going to prioritize family, healthy lifestyle and business. Family night - patience, good communication skills and let everyone be Menu and gym- make daily menu Be on time for my calls End day with a walk
Choose 3 Areas
I learned and appreciated that I need to choose three, but don't have to prioritize. Made total sense.
Day 1
I learned that I can not do everything and be everywhere at once. At least not fully present. By focusing on 3 things this week to focus on will help me feel back in control and give me a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling disappointed at not finishing tasks.
Oh my gosh! This one is me to the tee!!
Made me feel less anxiety just listening to this. Will be listening to this one multiple times. Love 💗 it thank you