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Changing Thought Habits

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Christine Mangum
Mental Health Therapist
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Good Practice!
here goes another session that i need to practice more often.
From Unhelpful to Helpful
Thought patterns are a series of thoughts that we have on a regular basis. We can begin to change our thought patterns by becoming aware of each thought. I have been noticing thoughts that begin with, “I should have known or I wish I had or if I would have” when I am feeling anxious or disappointed in some way. Obviously, these thoughts are extremely unhelpful as they keep me in a negative feedback loop of feeling anxious or disappointed. Next time I witness those type of unhelpful thoughts, I am going to challenge them with helpful thoughts, such as “it was out of my control what happened or I elected to put self care first and that’s why …”. In this way, I will begin to feel less anxious or disappointed and more present and accepting. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that while we may not have control over what thoughts we have, we can control whether or not we believe them. Indeed, we have the power to challenge every thought! From unhelpful to helpful, one thought at a time. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I feel inadequate .
I am the only one judging myself this harshly. I reach every goal I set out for. I don’t need to be more than who I already am. The only one who should be first is myself. It’s okay to not get it right.
An emotion I feel is sadness. I feel sad for myself and him when I think about all the bad or hurtful things that have happened. Challenge: I can’t change the past, and it prepared me to have happiness in my future.
I enjoyed the reminder to notice the always chatty voice in my head pooling together recent events to come to some negative conclusion based on my false beliefs. Reminder there is still work to do on the neglected inner child
Challenge thought
Challenge thoughts -I’m not smart You are smart. You have been making A’s. You use to make tops scores in undergrad Challenge thoughts- the arguments with my boyfriend means we shouldn’t be together -we are different people and will have different thoughts and opinions. Its normal! All healthy relationships will have disagreements as long as it’s healthy arguments, it’s okay!
Challenge your thoughts
When experiencing negative thoughts and emotions I need to challenge those thoughts… I need to make the conscious effort to challenge the thoughts in order to make a difference with my feelings.
Gillian Leech
Changing thought habits
I feel encouraged listening to this, knowing that with small steps forward I can change & Instil a more positive approach to my emotions & thoughts.
The session reinforced that I’m in control of my thoughts and I have much work to do to change my pattern of negative thinking.
Alpha giraffe
Changing mind thoughts-
Keep repeating positive affirmations. In the ring, he is a great dog, I’m a great handler. Or monday- it will be fine. He is in charge. Burden is light.
Negative thoughts
Anger- reoccurring thought I hate them and why did they do this. Challenge- these things were out of my control. I’m proud of myself for taking one step in the right direction.