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Challenging Questions For Your Beliefs

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Dawn-Elise Snipes
Clinical Psychotherapist
-Facts for and against your = Probability/ likelihood belief -Alternative explanations -Additional factors Learn -Context = Move forward -Extreme language
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I feel like I cannot trust my thoughts. My mind wasn't always like this. By now I have a completely different system than what I originally had. This system is weird, it has weirs beliefs, and forgot mos of my true essence. Literally cannit think outside of the box anymore. Somethis happened. My mind is very very colsed right now, I trully beleive in the things my mind makes, the thoughts I am thinking.... Where as when I was little or just younger I knew there was something bigger than me, guiding me, protecting me. Altough I believed my thoughts back then too, and I could get caught up in them veeeery easily, I also knew to be more open minded. Right now I have way more panic attack than I should have.
It's essential to take a step back sometimes and realize that most often the person or situation that is causing you the most stress and worry are more intrinsically focused without understanding the impact they are having on you. My teen is struggling and I raised through this that I'm not helping the situation with this self-focused approach. I need to step back and remind myself that he's going through things right now that he doesn't fully understand. Thank you.
Challenging questions
I learned that FCEPALM is a way to ask challenging questions of yourself in situations so that anxiety and catastrophizing doesn’t occur. I call it awfulizing.
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