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Chakra Cleanse & Unblock Meditation.

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Nicky Sutton
Meditation Guide & Past Life Therapist
Chakra meditation: cleanse, unblock and balance your chakras one by one with white light. Breathe in and breathe out white light through each of your seven chakras. Activate your mind, body, and spirit by balancing your chakra energy centers. Relax and enjoy.
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7 chakra cleanse energising
That this is a great morning meditation to chakra dance as a means of waking up my body, focusing my whole being for the day - a sense of creativity compassion but also protection which I need in my work was produced - grounded and calm Good to start my day I need at times to move body to focus on it ADHD needs at times a different approach especially morning - meditation while moving as a form of chi gon etc works so much better or I go back to sleep
Chakra Cleanse
I have done a lot of white light meditations and chakra cleanses. I really like this version and felt some shifts, especially with the throat chakra.
I can visualize the energy of my chakras while meditating. I can see the colors swirling around me.