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Cell Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging 111 Hz

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Christina Calisto Winslow
Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Book Coaching
Cell Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging 111 Hz Theta Brainwave Entrainment Music. 111 Hz has been found in studies to speed up cellular regeneration and reduce cellular aging. Enjoy the beautiful relaxing Theta Waves by listening or you can tune to the sound of OM with the music to vibrate your cells with your voice! This solfeggio frequency music, binaural beats, and theta brainwaves are produced by Christina Winslow. A musical rendition of the Song Earth Energy 111 Hz New Beginnings by Ted Winslow of SOUNDSYNCTECH™. Please do not drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to this brainwave entrainment music. ©2022 Christina Winslow. All rights reserved. Music by Ted Winslow ©2015 Big Country Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.