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CBT - Compassionate Response

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
CBT helps us to break down our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This practice will enable you to reflect on how we are controlled by automatic thoughts. Once you become aware you can change your thoughts to change your emotion and behavior.  
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Compassionate response
I Learned that stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions can be analyzed and dealt with through a four step process listed below. 1 ask yourself what is the situation causing The negative emotion. . 2 ask yourself what emotion is this situation making me feel, and how are these feelings manifesting themselves physically in my body? 3 ask yourself what automatic thoughts The situation is generating. 4 finally, and most importantly, ask yourself what your compassionate response will be. Another words, now that you have a knowledged your stress,What will you do to reduce you’re a negative emotions and make yourself feel better.
these CBT sessions turned out to be EXACTLY what i needed. thanks a lot
Not anxious
This helped me to identify that what was showing up as anxiety was actually loneliness.
Situation -> Emotions -> Immediate Response -> Compassionate Response