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CBT - Compassionate Response

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
CBT helps us to break down our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This practice will enable you to reflect on how we are controlled by automatic thoughts. Once you become aware you can change your thoughts to change your emotion and behavior.
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Compassionate response
I Learned that stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions can be analyzed and dealt with through a four step process listed below. 1 ask yourself what is the situation causing The negative emotion. . 2 ask yourself what emotion is this situation making me feel, and how are these feelings manifesting themselves physically in my body? 3 ask yourself what automatic thoughts The situation is generating. 4 finally, and most importantly, ask yourself what your compassionate response will be. Another words, now that you have a knowledged your stress,What will you do to reduce you’re a negative emotions and make yourself feel better.
these CBT sessions turned out to be EXACTLY what i needed. thanks a lot
Not anxious
This helped me to identify that what was showing up as anxiety was actually loneliness.
Situation -> Emotions -> Immediate Response -> Compassionate Response
I learnt that I needed to channel my energy in a positive way into something else
I learned that my stretching and walking are positive releases I have already incorporated into my daily routine. Perhaps being more purposeful however at determining my stressors.
I learned that I don't have to watch the news all day long and feel terrible. I can just watch for a short time and then try to live my best life.
Compassionate response
I learned that compassionate response is also for myself. Yesterday I felt compassionate toward Bob and also anger about getting up to make dinner in the kitchen. I felt once again shit upon. I made it the bathroom in time. I wonder if my anger were let go of and I had more compassion toward Bob and more compassion to myself if I would have stayed seated. The anger I feel is about my childhood and being the responsible one always. It reminds me of my childhood. The second trip I went to the bathroom and didn't make it . I was a mess the bathroom was a mess . I tried hard to clean it up. Later told Bob what had happened and that I left the bathroom light on. When he got down there he was annoyed and he told me that I didn't do enough so he had to clean. That is what I heard not being good enough an old theme replaying. I said to him when I get stressed this is the reaction of my body. I didn't tell him that I was angry about all the years of this behavior and angry at myself. He didn't want to hear it and said I will never tell you anything at all. He then asked that if he could take one of my oxy. I gave it to him but thought this is the ostrich in the sand response. He walks away or does something like have a drink or take an oxy. He asked how I could take 10 mg. I told him I only take 10 mg of oxy when I am in pain or as a pretreatment when I anticipate pain. But last time dressing was done I didn't need oxy so why did I take 5 of oxy. It is the fear of pain that causes me to premedicate. The three fingers are pointing back at me about my use of pain altering drugs and food. I wanted pistachios earlier and ate them beyond the point of taste satiation.
I learned that we are not out thoughts, thoughts can be changes
CBT compassionate response to automatic thinking
Notice the automatic thought what am I doing notice the emotion in my mind and body how am I feeling. Then ask myself  what is going to be my compassionate response?  Shift my focus change my physiology and create something new a positive outcome by choosing to have a higher taste and not being run by the automated outdated thoughts, behaviors and default states (emotions.)
Cogn. Therapy tic toc
I learned that wow watching too much find my cell phone As far as TikTok, what is not beneficial for me when I watch sad. Or unbelievable things that people do and say. It causes me to feel anxiety And sadness and just plainly gives me feeling of ño hope.