The Present of Presence
With Christmas and the end of the year drawing near, our daily list of to-do’s grows and as a result, we can feel like a pinball getting bounced around from here, there and everywhere. Quickly feeling overwhelmed, we can easily lose sight on the true meaning of this beautiful season. In this meditation, Nitima speaks about the importance of giving ourselves the present of presence and practical ways to remain calm during this time so we may be attentive and extend this beautiful present to others. Getting settled in my chair, I brought awareness to the sounds in my surroundings. Going inward, I brought awareness to feeling the air flowing in and out of my body. Following my breath, thoughts of present and upcoming to-do’s passed on by and gave my body and mind the space to be calm and relaxed. In this calm and relaxed state, I listened to Nitima’s beautiful voice tell me about the importance of this calm and relaxed state called presence. Giving myself this precious present of presence, I repeated Nitima’s words of wisdom and a smile appeared on my face. With my heart filled with a light of warmth, I set an intention to to be attentive and kind to others. By giving ourselves the precious present of presence, we are more readily available to give our presence to others. It is through these selfless acts of giving and sharing that we are reminded of the true meaning of this beautiful season. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️