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Cabin With Fireplace For Self-Care

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Jane Mackler
Mindfulness Coach and Hypnotherapist
Give yourself a delightful gift of self-care with this lovely mindfulness interlude, perfect for centering and connecting with harmony and inner peace. Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a pretty little cabin with its hypnotic fireplace to bring you into a state of deep relaxation. This self-care session will also remind you of the benefit of giving yourself mindful pauses throughout the day.
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Very helpful. Thank you!
I have panic syndrome and agoraphobia that i’m working on, meaning that i expose myself to stressful situations like commuting, shopping malls, restaurants etc. This is my go-to track for preparing for and recovering from these stressful experience. Listening to this is an immediate relief and i almost know the guidance by heart now :) i highly cherish my newly found little cabin in the woods thay i can retreat to. Thank you so much!
Mini Vacation
If you are new to meditation, and interested in trying out a longer session I recommend this one. Jane offers excellent suggestions to calm a busy mind. I am sitting in a big oversized chair, with a cup of hot coffee, and a soft blanket draped over me in a cabin in the woods. I am staring into the fire that is blazing in the stone fireplace. I become mesmerized by the flames taking me into a peaceful hypnotic state. My intention for the day becomes clear to me.I will take time throughout my day to pause and appreciate what is around me. Meditation is a great form of self care. It offers us a break from our busy lives to nurture our mind, body, and spirit. I enjoyed my retreat to a cozy cabin in the woods.May you make time for self care today.
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