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Brown Noise For Relaxation 30min

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Leon Riskin
Relaxation & Sleep Music Composer
This is a 30 minutes recording of a brown noise sound. The sounds resemble a roaring of a river or the sound of strong winds. According to studies, brown noise aids with relaxation, focus and improves sleep quality. Enjoy!
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3 reflections
I truly wishe I had found this decades ago. Outstanding 30 minutes!
third sick day
I allow myself to feel low but i do much better with self talk of gratitude and affirmations. I spoke words to myself that i release that which i cannot control, I accept all that i am, i am enough, i surrender. My anxiety has been crazy lately and i can’t seem to shake it but this is a start.
Love this
Not having experienced other brown noise yet, I love this one! It allows me to tune out the noise and focus on things that I’m working on, or to meditate. I use this track most days now.