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Broken Vase

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Many feel that we are broken when we face challenges but often we find those are the moments where we grow stronger.
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Broken Vase
Thank you for the reminder... it is from the brokenness that comes our growth, beauty and strength
Nice story...
...but I often feel like a physical injury/defect would be so much easier to overcome than the ones in my soul.
Nice story...
...but I often feel like a physical injury/defect would be so much easier to overcome than the ones in my soul.
I know I have many cracks mentally and I have worked years to “plug the holes” with coping strategies. Holes indicate an emptiness a loneliness a lack of. Sunshine and light is warmth and kindness. I feel frustrated with myself at times for the holes I have not been able to plug which still plaque me. However if I like at where I started and where I am now it is quite the sunny day. Perspective is powerful and this is a new way to view my life and challenges.
Pain and Purpose
Today, so many experiences reinforced this lesson that pain leads us to our purpose….but only if we take the time to let the light shine through our broken places. Even if the vase has a crack, we still recognize that it’s a vase. We are who we are, cracks and all, still created with and for a purpose.
I felt
Better after listening to this. I suffer from a lot of mental pain because of my past. I seem not to be able to accept myself. I have grown so much, came so far and still I doubt myself. I have a very difficult time loving myself and I hope this will one day change because I do see what a wonderful person I am. I should just start believing it!
Feeling the pain
It's a good story and reminder that pain comes in many shapes and sizes and doesn't have to define us, but rather we can be the writer of our story through our response to that which happens to us.
The Vase his leg…
It reminded me of 1976 when I was 19 and had my arm nearly cut off in auto accident. It was hanging from the armpit. After two surgeries, the doctor told me he had saved the arm but was unsure of how much use I would have of it. After a year of physical therapy I regained most function. Today you would not know (unless I took off my shirt) that this ever happened. Regardless this auto accident is part of the fabric of my life. It made me stronger, I gained much respect for life. I got focused and learned how to work through adversities in many aspects of life. It has been an underpinning for wildly successful life both personally and in business.
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