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Bring Mind Home

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Our mind is often all over the place, in the past, future, wondering. This short meditation will help you to bring your mind home so you can be present in the 'here & now'. When you are in the present moment you have more clarity and have ability to be resilient.
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I learned that I have to monitor my mood swings, take time to make designs and always think of my breathing before making decisions and just settle down and relax and enjoy the moment.
I learned that lying down while meditating brings on a whole new meaning to meditation. I learned that brining my focus back to the current moment is fulfilling and necessary to maintain peace and tranquility.
Lying Down
I’m learning that I like lying down while meditating. I think I’m more aware and mindful of what is being asked of me and my breathing is easier. The only drawback is that I felt chilly. Perhaps because more body surface is exposed vs. the sitting or lotus position where my extremities offer some protection from the chill. 🙏🌷
Being hete
To be present in the now. Are we ever truely just here, our minds wander to the past and the future, we are time travellers, dimensional hoppers. We create a reality and can live a whole life time within a few moments. To be here requires a single mindedness, a dedication to the senses and a grasp of peace and acceptance. For a moment it is just us, the universe stops it’s endless circle and we exist between the future and past and as present as anyone can be in an ever revolving and evolving cycle. Grasp those moments as they can be fleeting and few.
My mind is all over the place tonight. Remembering that I can control that and focus on me is important
Later 2
I was really stressed going into this meditation and I feel very relaxed afterwards.
I learned that my mind constantly thinks about the things I have to do in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. I have trouble focusing on the simplicity and greatness of the present.
Focus on my body and not my thoughts as much and to bring my mind home to my body.
Bring mind home
I learned that I tend to drift off and think about all the things I have to do, want to do, and people I need.
Wandering mind/ thinking mind
i need to stop thinking so much because it causes me stress and anxiety. Also insecurity.
Slow down
It relaxed me and made me realize I just need to slow down in life
I'm not doing well.
Today was supposed to be a good day. I had an event I've been waiting for, an art event. But instead it sent me really right back into that anxious sea. I know exactly where this anxiety is coming from but that still doesn't help it to go away. I had a meeting with someone I house sat for about money. During the meeting (more of a friendly chat to be completely honest) we made conversation, of course, but between each subject there was such an uncomfortable silence. I didn't even notice it until my mom pointed it out. That started me thinking what if it was because of me, what did I do wrong? Then this evening at the event, I saw a man that was in a play that I just finished working on. He was there with his wife and when I saw them, I called his name so that I could say hello. Now my voice did come out a little louder and more high pitched than I meant it to and my mom made a comment (jokingly): "did you hear her shriek your name". I didn't think I did but that comment kind of threw me off even though I know there was probably no hurtful or embarrassing intent. During our brief interaction, I couldn't help but get the feeling that he and his wife couldn't wait to get away from the conversation. I don't think I did anything to insult them. I hope not. But now I'm in this anxious spiral of feeling like no one at my theater actually likes me, and they're just putting up with me, waiting for me to leave. I don't honestly think that's true, but I really don't know what to do. If anyone actually read all this do you have any advice? I don't have any close friends to talk to about this or else I would. Please help.
Bring Mind Home
Taking my mind off of things going on around me for a few minutes really helps
My thoyghts
I felt much better after the session I gained a clear head and ready to complete some tasks I am more focused on what’s important and what isn’t as important 🙂
I felt calmed and relaxed. I also settled my nerves and realized that the tasks I am worried about can be solved much simpler than I thought. I have been overthinking.
I noticed when I was listening to this mediation I feel a little relaxed and calm than last time breath in and out.
I felt calm after this session and although I struggled to remain focused, I’ve learnt how to get back into not having constant racing thoughts but instead just labelling it “thinking mind” and focus on my breathing.
Mind is home
Pay attention to your breathing and bring it to your home. Welcome the energy in and let it go of anything does not serve your highest self.
I must accept the things I cannot changes however I CAN CHOOSE how they affect me. I must be aware of myself and my feelings. My feelings are just as important as anyone else.
Although short, I felt more peaceful and settled after this session.
It was calming but need a longer session
Ive been so nervous. My mom had hear procedure and doing well , but I still cant calm down , did a cologuard test for colon cancer and got positive , cant get in to dr till August, feeling scared , anxious and cant sleep.
Bring the mind home
This is.a nice title reminds me of football, focusing on breath and relinquishing thoughts followed by returning to the present and being mindful of surroundings is a good technique.