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Breathing Heart

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Gentle meditation to feel your heart and relax your body
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Tanya Reid
A gentle noticing
Through a gentle noticing of my heart breathing, I allowed my body to open and surrender to the holding and my tension melted like I’ve to water, water to gas. Beautiful, thank you.
Finding rhythms with SVT
I’ve dealt with minor heart issues since I was a child so in some ways it’s hard for me to not notice my heart. This meditation allowed me to connect back with my heart in a positive way, recognizing its strength. Visualizing the breath circling around my heart filled me with a peace I didn’t expect.
Random thoughts
I love myself the way i am i care about my body and my wellbeing I accept myself for who i am I love that i feel emotions so deeply even the bad ones Tony makes me happy Meditation makes me relaxed I want to be kinder to myself I am smart Vienna is going to be life changing I will be happy and full field I can’t wait to go to Belfast and take tony zip lining!
I felt relax, receptive to the words, and learned that I can stop thinking all the time... loved this session... 💕
It gets better as it goes.
This one was great. It does work for you to fall asleep while focusing on your breathing. I would recommend this one for sure.
Stress, Anxietjy & Tension Release
This is a really helpful meditation. Her voice and words are calming. It's a good length session. It brought me out of my head and back to the hear and now This calmed me very much. I was able to listen and participate fully. This meditation calmed both my mind and body. Reduced anxiety, negative, racing mind and my chest/heart pain due to stress. Thank you! 🙏
Taking some time to be aware of how the body, mind, and soul are working together. Namaste
Walter J
Holding care & kindness in my heart was a pleasant experience. By relaxing & focusing on my heart space I could feel my breathing flow thru it. Choosing to hold onto what was good & allowing everything else to be released and flow away from me allowed me to build up a storehouse of pleasant thoughts & feelings of wholeness, & caring. Pleasantness & calmness surrounds me in this space as I feel secure & happy. Thanks Nitima for helping me start my week off on a positive vibration. Namaste my friends! ❤️🙏🏼🍀
First Aura meditation
To slow down and center, focus and switch away from the noise is lovely. I am worthy of such treatment— not just sudoku et al.
Emotional day
I learned that how I'm treated is more important than how much I like someone.
First session
If I don’t have the interest and intention to do an exercise I don’t pay really pay attention. I just wanted to see in general what this was about.
First session
I learned that I need to focus more on my mind and body than my surroundings. Or other people. Then I will be much happier.
Calmest ,it bout me to a place like I was just floating on a soft smooth cloud,thanks❤️
Listening to my heart
It was helpful to acknowledge how I was feeling, whether it be happy or sad; I cried tears of sadness which turned into relief. I’m still sad but it’s nice to be reminded that that’s ok. That’s how I feel right now and it is valid.