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Body Scan: Part by Part and Whole Body

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
Strengthening our awareness of the body can be compared to building a home for ourselves--a home, a refuge, for the mind. We build this home brick by brick, each time we meditate. Using a system of meditation with reliable, habit-forming stages can help support this process, which is why the Body Scan offered here intentionally moves through several stages, which all of my meditations follow. Some of these stages include 1) arriving in the body in a settled but alert way 2) arriving with goodwill for ourselves--greeting ourselves with kindness 3) choosing a meditation object. In this Body Scan, the meditation object is body sensation, beginning with "contact points," moving into "part by part" and ending with "whole body" awareness.
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3 reflections
Relieving every part of the body helps increase my focus and awareness
Acknowledge yourself, your feelings, your thoughts... your entire being. Be kind to yourself. Feel every sensation of the whole body. Reconnect with yourself, by settling down, take deep breaths and just feel.
Simple, No Frills Body Scan
This is a simple body scan with no frills. Very easy but also nothing special. This is a nice starter meditation for beginners or anyone looking to go back to the basics. I only dislike the abrupt ending to this meditation because there is very little transition into the rest of the day.
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