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Body Breathing

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Mindfulness of breathing happens when we tune in to whatever we find when we sit and allow our body to breathe just as it is. Exploring sensations calling out and pulling our attention as we find breath in our bodies and following it just like waves on a beach- gently rolling in and out.
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I need to let my brain relax. I want to think too much even when I try to focus on my breathing.
Body breathing
I love doing meditations with Dea. I think it was the kindness and compassion I heard in her voice when I was listening to one of her stories some time ago. Now, when I do one of her meditations, I feel calm and safe from the very beginning.
This one works.
Even though this one was a bit more difficult for me than normally, it was really important for me to feel rather than just to know in the abstract, the way my breathing impacts me at the level of my soul.