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Body Awareness: Center Moving Outward

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Deanna Burkett, MA, MS
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
This meditation has been helpful for me in releasing tension that I can accidentally build in meditation! One important tip: allow awareness to extend beyond the "conventional body." As awareness flows from the center outward, allow it to go through the hands into space, through the feet into space, etc. This keeps awareness from feeling bottled up and building pressure in the system. Work gently!
From the community
11 reflections
Imaging myself "opening the valves" of my body really helped me spread awareness to each body part which in turn helped me focus on just my body and to ignore all of my surrounding distractions. This really helped me relax and feel slightly better.
Container of Kindness
I really liked the term "container of kindness". I can be a container of kindness. That's pretty cool.
This is very helpful in allowing me to focus and relax. It will be my "go to" meditation when I am feeling restless.
it's the first micro meditation that really calmed me
i think the most important message of this micro med is that you can spread your mind all over your body and that your body listens and reacts to the mind physically
Elisabeth C
Full Body Awareness
I've never meditated this way. Normally my meditations have me switching between the body, sound, and breath. I find these to go a lot more smoothly because I can't always focus on one for an extended period of time without losing touch with it. Body and breath is more challenging for me. I find that I don't always feel very attached to my body. I feel like consciousness suspended in a shell. This meditation was difficult and took me out of my comfort zone. It wasn't easy for me. I do appreciate it though. I want to find a connection between my body and mind. My goal is to feel wholly present with mind and body.
Best meditation yet!
Wow, this meditation really puts you to sleep, by focusing on your body and inner peace spreading. Yawn, goodnight and thank you Aura😳😴✌️🛌🙏🏼
I need to make sure that my 3yo son is not outside my bedroom door where I can hear him. That was a BIG distraction. I know now!
First time
I’ve never mediated before, so it’s going to time some work to not become distracted or unsettled. But I think I can get there!
Oct. 10, 2017 2PM
The first lesson wasn't to bad. I just need to figure out the proper body stance and to find a place that better fits my meditation time.
Whole self
This is the first time I really felt the flow from the heart reach my extremities. I have fibromyalgia and dissociative disorder, this meditation kept me very aware of my body and very much centred my thoughts.
I Learned that i can spread my goal of what i want to feel throughout my body
I learned that I can achieve better results if I identify what I hope to gain from the session and what it feels like
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