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Blue Santa

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
What small thing could you do this holiday season to fulfill the wish of another? Is there something you can give whole-heatedly? Let the Blue Santa encourage you to move in that direction.
From the community
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The giving season
I learned that to give and not expect is the best thing you can do for others and yourself
Holiday List
After listening to this uplifting story, I believe I will begin a new tradition. Rather than making a holiday list of wants, I shall start making a list of ways in which I can give without expectation to family, friends and community. This story put me in the holiday spirit! ♥️
Professional Santa Impersonator
Even stroke-addled, I very well recall this event! Before my stroke, I was a professional Santa Claus impersonator! I began as the official Santa for our local children’s museum, appearing at their annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser, and allowing my Santa services to be auctioned off during their annual silent auction event too! This led to many private appearances both at people’s homes and for business and other group events like Christmas parties! In fact, as the official Santa for the museum, I was the very first Santa my youngest child, daughter Ariel (just turned eleven yesterday) ever visited with as an infant! If I can find the picture to post here of that day I will! It’s SUPER-DUPER CUTE!
Walter J
Incredible story!! It actually gave me goosebumps to hear such corporate thoughtfulness, kindness & generosity! I knew there was more good in the world than the media wants us to believe. Thank you Aura for spreading the good cheer this time of year!! I love playing secret Santa and this gives me some ideas of ways I can do that! ❤️🎅🍀
Blue Santa Story
What a beautiful story! For one my favorite color is Blue,so it was so easy to picture a Blue Santa! The meaning of the “Blue Santa” was a surprise to me! A very good feeling had overcome my whole body & soul! Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas story!
Wishes of a wonderous holiday
This brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful thing to do. My wish is for the opportunity to open my ears and my heart to pay this forward.
What an amazing little story. Makes me want Xmas to come soon. We need a little cheer
Quant but well done!
Quite a nice festive story. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Although it was short and simple it still brought feelings of joy that one gets at Christmas time.
Blue Santa
This made me smile. How happy it makes us to hear of gifts freely given.