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Block Light, Sleep Tight

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Marisa Moon, NBC-HWC
Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
Our body and brain were designed to sleep and wake according to natural light and darkness. With the regular use of electronics and TV at night, we’re left feeling wired and under slept. This session teaches you when and how to cut back on artificial light exposure before bed so you can sleep more routinely and deeply. Learn more about Marisa's coaching philosophy at marisamoon.com, and book your free consultation (from anywhere in the U.S.) Try Marisa's real food recipes at mylongevitykitchen.com
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Great idea
I really like these ideas to minimize my exposure to blue light before bed.
Blue Light
Blue light is emitted by phones, computers, televisions and bright bedroom lights & affects production levels of melatonin, making it more difficult to sleep at night. Try minimising electronics usage before bed or turn on the ‘Night shift’ mode on your phone. Instead of staying up late on the computer, try lying on your bed and listen to an hour of music you like. Light a nice smelling candle while you listen to your music for a pleasurable and relaxing sensory experience. 🔥 When you begin to feel tired, or your favourite album comes to an end, gently blow out the candle, take a breath of fresh air, enjoying the beautiful scent of the candle, put your music player away and go to bed peacefully. 💤
What I was supposed to learn in this practice I had already known but this made me rethink my whole night time schedule. This made me think of blue light and amber light, this made me feel very relaxed; to people who don’t know much about light this could be very informational.
Natural cycles
I love the idea of being more in tune with the natural cycles of the day. Candlelight at night is a great idea as an alternative!
I will try ...
I will try to sleep a little early but it will hard because I naturally sleep at 11 o’clock
I could not focus the flashlight on my breath. Then I felt distracted that I couldn’t do this. Did not like this meditation.
My natural cure for insomnia
For a couple years I struggled with insomnia. My doctor pushed ambien on me and I took it some but I couldn’t handle the side effects. After four deaths I got hit with depression so the doctors decided to double my pristique prescription. Fixed my insomnia immediately but that wasn’t an acceptable long term fix. I had to figure out a way to sleep naturally. Crazy as it sounds, meditating during the day to keep up my efficiency and learning to practice self care so I could turn off my brain at night with no guilt, I.e. just stop working!-and staying off my computer and phone after dinner did the trick. I also often light tea candles in salt rocks to counter the tv. They safely burn themselves out if I go to sleep.
Blue Light
This is very informative for me. I will certainly turn off the cell phone 2 hours before sleeping & where necessary I will block the blue light. Thank you.
One problem
The world isn’t old 200,000 years. That’s my problem with this meditation. Otherwise it’s a great lesson.
I’m grateful that I get a chance to be fully aware of my thoughts and feelings
Laying in bed relaxing
I am really tired tonight it time to write my journal & turn off the light a sleep
Life coaching
I learned that it’s best to avoid technology for up to up two hours before bedtime.
Life coaching
I learned that how to help my body and my mind with stress but through sleeping and how light affects the body.
Second day
I learned that mindset really is everything when it comes to success and growth. My session really made me think to myself that I need to have more positive outlooks and thoughts in order to have positive outcomes.
Laying in my bed relaxing
I am really tired I write my journal first & drink my lavender tea & I meditate & turn off my light I lay down & relax until I sleep
I learned that 2 hours before sleep better not to use electronic gadgets, however we can use night shift mode.
I learned that from the lights given off around me before bed I am losing melatonin and thats why I have a hard time sleeping. Will definitely start trying to reduce lighting before bed.
Importance of 💤 🛏
Our brain and body were designed to sleep according to the natural light and darkness. With the regular use of electronics and tv at night, this is taking away from our melatonin production which is making us feel wired at night. Marissa recommends powering all devices down 2 hours before bedtime which will help our bodies natural melatonin production. If you must continue to use your electronic devices, change the mode to night shift. And, if you are watching tv you can change the picture settings to a warm setting to take away some of that glow. Getting a good nights sleep is important to our mental and physical wellbeing. It gives our body time to restore itself.