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Black Elk

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Black Elk can teach us to acknowledge the beauty and wisdom that surrounds us in our sacred space.
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Sacred Circle ⭕️
Dea is an awesome story teller and she doesn’t let you down with this story about Black Elk. Through her gentle story telling she provides the opportunity to learn about the importance of the Sacred Circle, the importance of honoring those who enter our Sacred Circle and what they have to teach us. Through the use of story she makes great connections to the importance of kindness and how meditation is one of the many ways to help. Definitely a story I will listen to again. ♥️🙏♥️
Wisdom of Life
This story, beautifully told, is both heartfelt and filled with the wisdom of life. It brings home to the listener our oneness, the importance of listening and learning from one another, the value of meditation in opening us up to the learning, and the sacredness of it all. I love this beautiful, eye opening story for those who have yet to see the true beauty of our sacred oneness and for those who already understand. Kindness and openness to others is the manner in which our soul intends for us to live, learn, and teach. I intend to listen to this story frequently as a gentle reminder not to go off track. Debb, thank you for pointing us all in this direction today with your wise reflection. 🙏🏻Namaste🙏🏻
My Sacred Circle
Interesting recommendation from two of my favorite Aura Tribe members this morning, but weird how it fit the morning I am having so far today. I allowed a person to enter my personal sacred space a couple of years ago, and thought we had become pretty close. I paced myself around her, allowed myself to treat her like a buddy, only to have things backfire when I exceeded my bounds. A few minutes ago I passed her house after picking up some morning coffee for my wife, and was ruminating on the friendship I lost. Have to allow these sacred circles to be fluid, open to the comings and goings in life, without dwelling over much upon those things I guess. Take what you can learn from these opportunities but don't dwell overmuch upon the losses. It's the being open to the experience that is important!
Cyndee 🌊
Middle of the world 🌎
I can experience a entirely different perspective on my life if I think of being in the center of the world wherever I am. It will be interesting to see how this affects my life while I’m at work or out and about running errands. Even driving alone in my car from one point to another should be interesting if I apply this visualization of being in a circle in the center of the world.
Sacred Circle in the World
This story reminds us that we all are in a sacred circle in the world. Keeping that perceptive in mind, you can begin to acknowledge that there is beauty all around you. Truly, a great lesson.
No matter where am, “I there ...I’ll be”
I’m in the flight industry and have lived all over the world at various times. In my 20’s running trying to find myself. I could feel my inner heart and light shine but looking for a place put roots down or to create that circle. Listening to this I realized it been with me all the time!
i learned....
i learned that i am in the middle of a sacred circle no matter where i go. what am i to ne taught from whatever enters?
I am the centre of my world. Live in the moment and breathe.
Breathe again
I’m learning to breathe through and focus. There is always more to the story, roots deeper than the stem. Believe in the strength that’s hidden behind doubt.
How sacred life really is.
Whenever stressors appear in my life I need to come back to my circle.
Sacred space
I learned that everywhere we go, we take ourselves. May I walk through this day with grace and forgiveness for myself and others that cross my path. Warmly Kane
Mindfulness brings you into your sacred place and brings awareness to what is sacred in your life.
Sacred Space
Whenever I feel stressed or down I need to remember my sacred space and that I’m always in the Center of the world 🌎🌷🍃
My inner peace
I have to give time to get better and be more positive and calm and find inner peace
Sacred Space
Wherever we are this is our sacred space. When we allow others to enter our sacred space we need to meet them with a curious mind. Every encounter we have is a possibility to learn something new. Practicing mindfulness is our way of creating a sacred space for ourselves to not get caught up in the story of life which sometimes can lead us to feeling resentment about our life. I’ve spent almost the last year being caught up in the story of my life which I was feeling very resentful of my circumstances. Now that I have incorporated a daily mindful practice I have really noticed a change in how I feel. My mind is not replaying old stories of the past. I’m not anxious about the future. I am here in this moment feeling more positive about life in general.
Black Elk is one of my direct descendants. I’m grateful for this insightful and centering reflection on his timeless wisdom.
Black Elk
I learned that wherever you are you were in your own sacred space. You’re in a sacred circle.
A sacred moment
Everything around me from the air that I breathe to the dog by my side to grass I stand upon; all is sacred. I must make choices both simple and complex, from this starting point, remembering all choices I make, good or bad, will touch the sacred. A beautiful story. Thank you.
Being present
I learned how important it is to be present and mindful in every moment. Each individual moment Can teach A lesson, provided we are willing to embrace the moment with then attitude Openness. Kindness towards others. And curiosity. We should also whatever happens in the present moment, As happening for a reason. This is a much more effective approach to life than willing in the moment to go The way we would like, and nothing whenever Beauty exists in the present. It is only when we except the present moment as a positive opportunity to learn that we understand that no moment has more significance in comparison to any other.
Black Elk
I appreciate we all have our sacred space and everyone that enters that space can teach me something
Sacred circles sacred space
Sacred window washing Sacred cleaning of leaves Sacred Ganesha Sacred flow dust mopping Long handle squeegee high widow washing Sacred waiting Waiting in lines Watching Breathing Nothing more nothing less