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Biscuits of Life

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Edward Espe Brown shares his beautiful experience and insight he gained whilst making biscuits over his life. We find ourselves comparing to others but this story illustrates how can we see the beauty in what we have. Please enjoy
From the community
9 reflections
Walter J
Cute little story about baking the “perfect” life. We must B-careful when comparing things in life... The Law of Relativity gives us the insight to this. The Truth is everything just IS, until you compare it to something else. There is no hill without the valley and both play their part to make the world complete and interesting. Judgmental terms like “Good” & “Bad” are only relative and should be avoided. It is wiser to think of things as just... “Different”. If we are truly non-judgmental, things just are. We should learn to endure both the hills & the valleys, learn from both and ideally... enjoy both! Like eating a biscuit that tastes a little ‘different’ than we are used to... and enjoying it. ❤️🥐🍀
Wake-Up and ...
...smell the coffee ☕️! Or at least wake-up and realize that we each are enough, just as we are. We needn’t compare ourselves to another - instead savor who we are, just as we are. This practitioner has a gift for telling stories. Thank you, Walter for reflecting on this. 🙏.
Biscuits and life
The phrase "compared to what?" stood out the most to me here. But are we unhappy or dissatisfied because we are trying to attain what we see others have or because we dont know what we what it because we dont know how to get there?
We shouldn’t compare things . Because everyone is different
Mary Jane
I was awake at 6 am this morning anxious to see how much it snowed, but I listened to Biscuits of Life while I remained snuggled in bed, smiling. This meditation gave me the focus and awareness I needed before getting out of bed!
Mary Jane
I shall enjoy my biscuit of life today. Authentic & real! Not judging it, that is me not judging me.
Mary Jane
My morning
I have spent enough time in my life trying to please others. Now I slow down & make my biscuit with intention and it’s not for them, it’s for me. I’m learning to love making my biscuit.
Biscuits of life
On this is me! I have been trying to live the perfect life instead of the beautiful life that I have
Why am I comparing myself to an idea of who I think I should be? I am an amazing person
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