A simple path
Glorious! I felt and saw everything as if I was there. Connecting fully with the warm, soft, yellow light of the divine. It was beautiful. I could feel it; I could hear her answers to my questions. I was sitting on a bench covered in a cozy comforter. Divine's glow and warmth all around me. Beyond the trees, I could see the calm water flowing by. Before I left, I felt a warm, gentle, soft embrace from her. Complete Joy. When it was time to leave, I received reassurance from Ian that I can return at anytime for guidance, peace, or to just rest. My personal sanctuary. And to leave the bag behind that I had brought brought a sense of peace, freedom, joy, and feeling as light as a feather. I really didn't want to leave. I felt such a deep connection that it would be impossible to put into words. I have longed for another connection to divine. I'm so glad I was taken down a simple path today. I feel overflowing gratitude. Thank you. 💛