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Being Vs. Doing - Spoken Word

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Bill Scheinman
Mindfulness Teacher & Coach
Why it's important to get in touch with the "being" in human being - and why that intentional act of coming home to ourselves makes our lives richer and more peaceful.
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11 reflections
The busy brain
I learned that we can get addicted to feeling busy due to neurological reactions. Being aware will help me to switch into the being mode more often to heal myself from the addiction of getting things done :-)
This isn't meditation
This teacher talked every second of this "meditation". My wife asked if I had put the news on rather than Aura. Why is Aura turning out so much relentless patter rather than solid, foundational meditation. This may be some people's idea of pausing and sitting still but if you have to listen to someone talk nonstop then I wonder. Certainly isn't my concept of meditation.
I learned that I am often in doing in meditation
I learned that even in meditation, I am often in doing mode by controlling my breathing.
Just BE
I learned that slowing down to BE in my life will decrease the stress that can come with the DOING. Mediation and being mindful enhances this awareness. 🙏💆🦋
There is so much I could say. This is the first time I have listened to this meditation and I believe it is one of the clearest, most direct, most concise, and most on the money meditations I have ever listened to. Kudos! Excellent job and thank you so much for being direct and explicit. I will be listening to this many, many times and be grateful to you each time I listen.😊 Namaste
This connected with me so well. Because all I’ve been thinking about the past week is the doing. What I needed to do to better my life and what I needed to get done now. So taking a few minutes of just being everyday can certainly do some good.
Didn’t like
Too much focus on the struggles in the day. May be great for others but I prefer more uplifting positivity.
less meditation more advice
I learned that being is important and spending time on being helps us rewind. however during this practice I don't get a chance to do just that...
Doing = stress
I do do do. Even if I’m not going somewhere I am still doing. It’s time that I need to be just being. Even if it’s for several mins. A day. I want my doing to be as enjoyable as my being is.
I am learning how to balance this concept of being vs. doing. It is an honor to be here and take in some of these ideas of simply being.
Being versus Doing
As an English teacher, when I see “Spoken Word”, poetry comes immediately to mind. If that’s what you think, this meditation may not be for you as it’s a lesson rather than a meditation about the difference between being versus doing. That doesn’t mean that you might not get value from it; I think it would be better listed in the life coaching category.