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Being Vs Doing as We Age

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
So you associate what you do with who you are? Maybe it's time to make a different association.
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Happiness come from within. You and demand it and control it. Inner peace. Inner happiness❤️
Positive self talk.
I learned that reinforcing yourself makes you feel strong. Too often we are broken down and tear ourselves down. Saying and believing that you deserve to be happy, healthy and have peace.
Being vs. Doing
The stages of life are not always easy, comfortable, or what we have anticipated. The world changes. Needs and demands change. We must realize that our value does not diminish with age, it increases. Additionally, we must learn to live with and accept new life situations as they appear and yet remain happy, healthy, and as productive as possible at these moments in our lives. Stagnancy does not exist, the world and life move forward, as must we, remembering all the while just how very special we are at any and every age. I think this is a wonderful track to listen to from time to time, a gift to remember. Thank you.
Graceful acceptance
This meditation resonated with me because I am at that stage of life, middle-aged where I’ve only known how to define myself by my accomplishments or perceived “failings”. I recently left my job of 17 years that bored me with the stress taking its toll. Now I have to learn redefine myself by not what I do, nor what I achieve, but to realize that I am a productive whole person in my own right worthy of my own love, who does not need to constantly seek praise or approval. I am simply lovable because I have always conducted myself with kindness and compassion toward others at work and in my daily life. That in itself is a worthy accomplishment and a lovable act.
Sometimes I feel lost. Single divorced mom of twins. Ex has equal custody. I am alone a lot due to this. And I have longed for my own family my entire life and once I do- it ends. My lifelong dream ended. I have spent 3 years accepting this new life. I don’t know how to be whole again. I am very good at pretending. “May I be happy, truly happy. May I be healthy. May I be at peace.”
Who I am
I should take the lessons of this session to heart. I AM hard on myself. But despite health hurdles, I AM the same person I was before! Just a couple of evenings ago, we attended open house night at our school. Before checking in to my wife’s classroom to see her students and their families, we were in my daughter's classroom. As we walked out, her teacher, who has become a friend and client of mine, stopped us to tell us about things she's been working through related to the business she is starting. She wanted to thank me for my help, and praise my unflagging belief in her ability to pull off this idea. I don't get a lot of positive feedback any longer, and it meant a lot to me to have her praise my actions publicly and to my wife! I truly AM still the same person I was before my stroke! Less opportunities. Less work. Less resources. Same guy.
Focus on self love
I find I’m drawn to Dea Rivera’s work. She has a perspective that allows me to get grounded and focused on loving myself first. The focus here is on Happiness, Health, and Peace. Starting each day from this place sets my intention on loving me first so I can better love those I care about.
All day I was struggling with depression. ans despite oyher self care, I still felt a deep weight in my heart and soul. Afterward this meditation, things opened up. My guess is I have a very uncompassionate inner voice that I'm not aware of. This reconnection of loving kindness towards myself is truly healing. so grateful. thank you.
A reminder to not be so hard on myself and to be compassionate with myself and others. Mantra: “I am enough”❤️
May I be happy
This was a hard week, and I really needed this today. I have been struggling with feelings of failure and inadequacy at work, and I always bash myself up when things go poorly. I have to remind myself that this is not a reflection on how hard I’ve worked to make my department successful. This does not define who I am. It’s just something I have to get through. I am enough, just as I am, in this moment. May I be happy with myself and learn to love myself more. Cut myself some slack and stop striving for perfection.
Only part of who we are
What we do is only a part of who we are, it’s not who we are. We are good enough, free ourselves from the illusion