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Beginning Again

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
Settle in with this relaxing practice to find balance between your breath, body and mind- checking in, beginning again, again.
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11 reflections
I learned to just focus on knowing that I’m breathing in and out. I also learned to focus on the feeling of waking up in the morning.
Letting go
The question posed to me during this meditation: “What would happen if I let go of any expectations?” A radical notion that begs another question: Would letting go of expectations mean letting go of disappointments? I’m left to reflect, what would happen if I let go...
Begin again 🌻
I learned that things can occur, but no matter what, we can begin again. Breathe and be present. 💜🙏🏻
Missed a whole lot
The household remains quite active late tonight, forcing my attention away from my meditation again and again. Darn it! Had some great news tonight though! A friend I’ve made recently online will be in my area in a couple of weeks, performing with the vocal group Rockapella at a local venue! He’s reserving us some VIP seats to join him at the show, and we’ll get the chance to show him around for a few days too! I’m VERY EXCITED for this chance!
Walter J
Great meditation with Dea! The past is Past forget it and begin anew. Each year, month, day and breath... What possibilities await us if we would just throw off all the weight of the past and begin anew...?!? Try it and find out...!! Namaste ❤️🎇🍀
Moment to Moment
Each breath we take is different just as each moment in our lives is different. Each breath is a gift just as each moment is a gift. In this way, our breath is a lot like moments in our lives. The beauty and joy in life is knowing that we are always beginning again, breathing in...breathing out, moment to moment! Thank you, Dea for a fantastic mindfulness meditation! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Checking in
It’s important for me to check in with where I am on the inside. This morning I felt out of sorts and a might distressed. These feelings remind me to take a moment to care of myself through prayer and meditation. Following this morning’s meditation, I am more present and peaceful.
Pure Awareness
When our mind pulls us into the past, the memories, whether good or good, tend to control us causing us unnecessary suffering. When our mind projects us into the future, thoughts of the unknown dominate causing us unnecessary suffering. When we are suffering, we feel stuck. Therefore, it is only in the present moment, which is Now, where we can break free from unnecessary suffering and truly live wholeheartedly. In this wonderful meditation, Dea teaches us, through way of the breath, just how magical the present moment is. Getting settled on my bench, the force of gravity took over, allowing me to drop down from activities of the mind to feeling embodiment. Once in embodiment, I was in the Now, feeling my belly rise and fall with each breath. Moment to moment, beginning again, I became curious, anticipating the next breath this body took and where in the body I’d feel it most prevalent. With each moment being different, I found joy in the simple act of breathing. Beginning again, I decided to open my awareness to include sounds in my environment. Predominantly hearing birds sing in my environment, I became one with the beautiful dance of life occurring around me. Beginning again, breath after breath, I am pure awareness of all sensations. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Beginning again
I liked realizing that by returning to the present moment means I have started to return to mindfulness
Don’t be scared to move forward. It’s time to live for me and not look back.
Jon Mark
The future is a fantasy 😌 and the past is gone. I love the power of letting go of the past, but it can be a challenge sometimes!