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Begin Again

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Michelle Walters
Hypnotherapist & Work Wellness Coach
Many times in our lives we have opportunities to begin again - the turning of a new year, the start of a new job, the arrival of another child or grandchild. This meditation will help you focus on the emotions surrounding this new beginning, symbols associated with new beginnings, and affirmations for success with this new start.
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Begin Again
Every day is a new beginning. We just have to recognize this fact. What we do today is what matters most. We have every opportunity in front of us and a chance to begin again. Life is full of cycles. Season cycles, calendar cycles, and more. We have the opportunity to reach forward to become new again, beginning a new cycle. A rebirth. Happy New Year to everyone. Namaste…
Begin Again
Thank you for this New Years Day meditation. It was perfect to remind me this all of my feelings about this new year and my new job can be hopeful.
At peace with starting over. Namaste
We start over all the time in life. It’s who we touch along the way bringing happiness n love.