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Becoming your own best friend

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist Psychotherapist
How would you like to go for a coffee with a friend? When we want to catch up with our friends we want the environment to be fun and laughter not controlling. This story demonstrates a metaphor about how we try to control our mind no wonder it wants to be away from us. Be friend your mind dear ones then you can begin to enjoy being with yourself.
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Be kind to yourself
Often times, we try to force our bodies, our minds to do what we want -we tirelessly force them to do our bidding. This is the reason why our bodies & minds want to escape -be it by sleeping or distracting itself with whatever easy hobby it finds. Try to treat your body & mind with kindness, so it doesn’t get tired of you -to avoid a detachment from your body, mind & soul. Be gentle with yourself, so you can be rewarded with a perfect union within yourself.
Loving Kindness
This story is a good reminder to show loving kindness to ourselves. When are constantly trying to control our mind and body, it becomes tired, stressed, and frazzled. We become burnt out. When we continuously show loving kindness to ourselves by giving our body and mind what it needs, it keeps our cup full. We become our own best friend.
Really nice analogy, comparing your relationships with different friends and the way you treat yourself/your mind
I felt a sense of release and relief towards myself. In such a peaceful manner. Her voice ushers you into this place. I MUST listen again and again! ❤️
Being a friend
In order to be a friend to others, I must first be gentle and open with myself. I have been trying to make friends for a long time and have come up short. In trying and failing, I now see that I wasn’t kind and gentle and loving of a person to myself or my own endeavors. I kept thinking that if I value others and show then kindness, perhaps they’d show me that in return. Instead, I wasn’t treated very well and seemed to attract people that used me or were hateful and cruel. I let them go once I started to value myself and properly see just how much I meant as an individual. I would rather be at peace with just myself as my own companion than have numerous attachments that are fickle, dismissive, controlling, self centered and unkind. Now that I am my own best friend, I can truly be a best friend to other people.
My Own Best Friend
I loved this story. It reminded me I deserve to treat myself the way I’d want a good friend to treat me.
Be friend my mind, had a stressful morning, this is helping me process in a different frame of mind
I’m less anxious, I think I learned that the moment and how I react is truly in my mind not what is happening around me but how I react
Body and Mind
I learned that your body and mind although one are separate and it’s important to listen to one another and to not to try control either side. Maybe this is what I am doing when I am fighting sleep. I am trying to control my mind. Got it 👍
I learned that I need to be kinder to my mind. Give myself a break if I don’t remember things always. Or am not perfect in my performance at work or if I don’t say the right thing. Don’t beat myself up.
Mind friendly
I always thought that I was kind to my mind until I had one of those therapeutic, three person conversations with it. The horrible things I said to it were beyond reproach. I was so harsh to it...to myself really. That’s no tongue in cheek answer...pun not intended. My husband died a year ago next week, and I have been trying to friend myself ever since then. After a lifetime of abuse, he saw straight through my sorrow and he stayed. He gave me the courage to fight back. I owe it to God, him, and me to friend myself and to let go of the horrific bonds I put on myself. Thank you.
Walter J
Another Great story-lesson! So true that a peaceful allowing will almost always bring better results than a forceful control. Especially true with our mind. This comes easier as we shift more to the observer mode. Besides chocolate chip muffins & latte are fine once in awhile & who really likes talking about politics anyway!?? ❤️☕️🍀
Mary Jane
The Mind
This meditation gives me a tool I have never used. To be kind to my mind. Gives me a whole new perspective on meditation and awareness. Also, a sense of relief. I have been afraid of my own mind & what it might do to me. Now I’m learning how to be aware of my thoughts and let them go. To encourage good thoughts. And to be kind to my mind. It needs me.
Just what I needed
Today I realized that I had been treating my mind all wrong! No wonder I would ruminate over & over again! I am now my OWN best friend. I know I have all the qualities in a friend that I have been looking for but seemed never to achieve. Being my own true friend will resonate with other energies that vibe similar to me and will lead me to my true soul tribe. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for this story-so very helpful.✨🙏🏼✨
Very nice
I love putting a new perspective on the mind, it’s great and makes you appreciate yourself more
Love thyself!!
I treat others like this but my negativity and judgment is out of control with myself. Reminding myself it is better to be less critical of myself is healthier. I will remember to do unto myself as I do to others
She has a wonderful voice, and that was a great story. Really enjoyed it. Thanks
Your Own Best Friend
I really needed this! I have been doing this to myself so much... you need to do this and this and this... but I was just feeling depressed and eating too much instead. I will be kind and maybe I will not run away
Becoming your own best friend
We all want to be around someone who makes us feel good. I need to allow myself to feel good and relax as opposed to piling one thought or demand on top of another util all I can feel is the weight of these demands in my mind. I need to treat myself to something I really want to do instead of allowing myself to take care of others needs more than my own.
Becoming tour own best friend
I really hit home with this one. I see this happening everyday in my life now. I did not realise it though. I always take the easy path and what sounds best. Then push everything else away with some excuse and rational. I am going to keep playing this over and over until I understand fully what it is saying and how I can alter my minds bad habits. Thank you 😊 🖤💜