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Be Present with Sound

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WITHIN Meditation
Meditation Teacher
(Guided by WITHIN Cofounder Hannah Knapp) Bring yourself back to the present moment, using sounds around you as your anchor. Whenever your thoughts wander in meditation, it can be really helpful to have an anchor to bring you back to the present moment. A great anchor you can use anywhere you meditate is the sounds happening around you. This meditation helps you notice sounds and use them as your anchor. In the longer version of this meditation, we use breath as well as sound to bring you back to the present moment and have additional time in silence.
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11 reflections
The smell of nothing
I noticed what I must consider my neutral smell- what I think my household smells like at rest. The baseline for my brain alone. Pretty interesting... Namaste
Be present with sound
Good recognition of observing what is present around us and at first identifying each one and then letting that go. Allowing the sounds and whatever else to be there without trying to utilize your mind and think about them.
I don’t have to think of the sounds as a distraction, I can just acknowledge them, let them be there and continue on with meditation and breathing. I have been slacking off on my lower back exercises, so I thought I would try doing them to this meditation. It turned out to be the perfect meditation to do something like this. It actually helped me be more focused on my form and kept me relaxed at the same time.
Not at all...
This meditation did nothing for me and helped me not at all. Perhaps it is because my sister in law is very seriously ill at this time, but I found no relief from stress or anxiety in this meditation. I will not be using it again.
Let the sounds wash over me...
Instead of reacting to them. I hope this helps with my misophonia as well.
Heightened senses
Touch heightened today for me when I closed my eyes. The senses- separate, but part of a whole, team effort. Namaste.
Every little things
When you close your eyes it heightened all your senses. And sensitive to every sound and sensation that you hear and feel. An easy way to be present. 😌
Even when the room is silent, it’s loud. I found my mind drifting to events in the past and I had to remind myself to stay present. As soon as I came back to the present and listening to the environment around me there was peace. A good reminder for me to stay focused on the NOW.
First Session Reflection
I learned my heart pounds as my anxiety grows- through breathing I can control my physical response to stress. I need to discipline myself to control my breathing when I notice how stressed or anxious I'm becoming.
I am miss my best friend
A friend of mine used to work here & now she is not coming back to work anymore now I will miss her it won’t be the same with out her
Coming back
The mind is meant to wander. It is doing its work. Doing this practice is building a muscle of stillness that is counter to the pace and intensity of our daily lives. Understanding it as a muscle to be exercised is helpful to me in moments when the mind wanders and I need to come back to the breath.
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