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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
Be open to be inspired and feeling inspired.
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Feelings of Warmth and Calm
How do you feel when you are inspired by others or being someone’s inspiration?As I reflect on this question Nitima asks while focusing on my breathing, I feel myself smiling with a warm feel good feeling spreading throughout my body. This feeling continues to get stronger as I am breathing in a golden light filled with inspiration. Reciting a few affirmations of calm, peace, and acceptance towards myself I am left with a perfect balance of feeling calm, centered, and happy.
Walter J
Nitima has the most soothing voice... perfect for this meditation! She does magical things on this mental journey to inspired relaxation & calmness. I started by experiencing wonderful breathing in of fresh bright/white Energy for my body that somehow inspired me to smile/grin while still feeling perfectly calm. She opened the top of my head & exposed my brain to the blue calming Energy of the sky so I soaked in as much of that as I could and as I did... i felt myself growing taller like a Sequoia. I could see way out over the land and was smiling again at the fantastic view of the green fields that filled the land from my wide trunk to the far away horizon. I breathed in their fresh green Energy... aahhhh... Then I felt my head get tingly & became aware of my brain suntanning in the warm golden sun/energy from above. This was almost too much good to experience at one time ... but somehow her words or tone reassured me I was ... worthy of all this good! So I enjoyably basked in the warm golden Energy, breathing in the clean green Energy while gazing and enjoying the swirling blue & white Energy of the sky/clouds. Quite an inspiring but calming experience!! Thank you Nitima for the wonderful session & Julie for recommending it! Namaste 💚☀️🍀
Winds of Change
Settling in a bench, I became aware of my breathing. I became aware of the support the bench and ground gave me. With each in breath, I began to relax my body. With each out breath, I began to relax my mind. Thinking of what inspiration feels to me, my body woke up with a sense of aliveness. Sensing this aliveness as I listened to Nitima’s soothing voice, I began to sense butterflies in my belly, giving me a slight uneasiness. Inquiring why I felt inspired, yet somewhat nervous, my application for a meditation teacher program that I am currently working on came to my mind. Could it possibly be that I am nervous of trusting myself to take this leap of faith into the unknown? Could it possibly be a fear of rejection? Could it possibly be that if I am accepted into the program that I am nervous of Becoming? Pondering these questions in my mind that I didn’t expect would come up while listening to this meditation, I began hearing Nitima’s beautiful words come back into my awareness and I was taken back to the here and now. I sensed a new easiness in my body as I felt a strong warm breeze surround me. I opened my eyes, looked around my surroundings and saw the trees, plants and flowers swaying in this warm breeze. As I continued to watch, I couldn’t help but think...could it possibly be that the Universe is trying to tell me something?
Lifted a Weight off My Shoulders
Before this meditation, I felt stressed and worried. The burdens of the next few weeks weighed down my shoulders, and I felt hesitant to start. Scared to jump into these concerns, scared to leap off the diving board into a sea of worries. This meditation lifted these burdens off my shoulders. Instead of fear, I feel hope at leaping into a sea of not only tasks but also opportunities. Thank you.
Calm is a choice
Giving myself permission and time to be calm helps me feel grounded and ready for the day. Inspiring myself is as important as inspiring others and taking inspiration from others gives me strength and confidence. Confidence will help me own my day. I will own my day. Namaste
Inspiration can be something that you bring out in yourself. You don’t have to wait for it to come to you.
Such a beautiful voice that so gently guides the body into relaxation. I learned that even when I am feeling stressed after a difficult day, I can come back to the ‘now’ and allow myself time to relax and reset. Instead of forcibly trying to grasp inspiration, I can allow it to come back to me instead by taking the time to let go. Thank you.
This meditation had all of my favorite elements—guided breathing, the light imagery, and strong affirmations. I need to use affirmations regularly to help me remember that I am a being of immense worth and value. What a great way to start my day!
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