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Be in Your Body

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Hilary Jackendoff
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, & Sleep Expert
This grounding and settling meditation are meant to help bring about a deep sense of relaxation, presence, and connectedness to the body. When you feel ungrounded, scattered, or overwhelmed, the easiest way to get out of your head is to get into your body.
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19 reflections
I learned that I am him. I am god and he is in me. I just have to let go and let him take the wheel.
Awareness of body
I enjoyed the slow progression in this meditation. Taking time to slowly transition from full awareness of the present to visualization in your mind free of the outside world. Visualization of yourself as a tree is very powerful and enlightening. Have a great day everyone. Namaste.
I noticed that I was much more anxious than I thought and that 16 mins felt like a long time
It doesn’t work to try to get the anxiety to go away. I listened to it and asked it what it was trying to tell me
Love this
I am an anxiety an OCD sufferer as well and I have found this meditation works well if I combine it with a number of other ones in a row. Therefore, some of my sessions may take anywhere from 30 mins (2 guided meditations) to 2 hours depending on how I am feeling that day. Like today, I listened to this one, two by Glenn Harold which were about 40 mins each and a chakra clearing meditation that was 10 mins.
At first I felt very anxious after this meditation I felt so calm and relaxed my breathing was a lot smoother than before
Was in a funk. This helped me get out of my head. At the end of the meditation my breathing was gentle and relaxed. This helped me let go.
Extremely Grounding
I feel more connected & grounded within myself, emotionally, spiritually & physically. Extremely relaxing & a beautiful way to start the day!
Walter J
Very effective sessions go for getting out of your head & back in your body. I actually did this laying down, first thing upon waking. A few cleansing breathes and I was relaxed, a few more and I was disconnected from my head and starting to feel my body slightly buzzing. As she went thru a full body scan I felt the buzz in each of my body parts building until my whole body was electrified. It was a pleasing sensation that allowed me to trust her & fully let go to become the tree she asked us to be... my roots went down to anchor me solidly in the ground. My trunk grew wider as I shot ip 50 + feet tall, branches popping out all over that were then covered with leaves. The rapid aging into a mighty oak tree was phenomenal! I glistened in the sun with a slight breeze blowing through my leaves. It seemed to cleanse my soul as well as my mind and body... I felt strongly grounded, pure and Majestic!  Great way to start today as well as the week! Thanks aura! 🌳❤️🍀
Ground connection
Dealing with lots of anxiety from different areas of my life… listening to this I do feel a sense of release. Found myself really feeling connected to the earth…hard to explain - the part about deep roots I actually felt like a connection was there between be and the ground and then a wave of peace when visualizing my torso as the trunk. Don’t think my words do any real justice to my feelings but I feel a release now that I’ve done this meditation. Hope I can enjoy this feeling for part of my day at least.
I felt present in the moment. My breath keeping me in the moment. Not worrying about the day or what it may bring. Just being.
Last night
I I woke up from a night in the town in Rincon. I stayed at an Airbnb near to the plaza . Met some of my old friends but also met some new ones. I was here, taking the night as a new adventure; seeing it all like it was my first time here. And suddenly I was able to observe myself and I knew how happy I am being just here. I imagine what my life would be when I retire and come to live here. I like what I see. This is the place that I belong and I’m so happy
I’m learning to be grateful with what I have and I realized that being in that space does not allow me to entertain lack
Getting it together
Nice to be able to go through the whole process of feeling grounded
Lots of anxiety right now in my life. This took my mind away from that completely and even when the session was over what was making my anxious isn’t hitting me as hard now.
I feel very relaxed, grounded, and in leveled understanding from my first meditation
I know life can wind you up, distract us from how we should be, natural, alert, aware, and at level with the nature around us. We tend to take what we have for granted, we pay no mind to the trees and the nature doing the work for us, and many hurt our nature that wouldn’t ever do that to us naturally. So I am thankful for who I am and for those who feel the same way I do, to help us remember that we all are apart of this universe together. As one.
Tree compassion
This body scan guided meditation and tree in seasons visualization left me understand how even though I live in the pacific north west and visited a forest today and live on the edge of one that I don’t dwell with the trees -
Breathing and focus. This was a longer meditation after 3 short ones so it was good practice over a long session but very good.
The tree apology was very good roots connected to ground , branches and leaves to a solid trunk
Quite a long relflection on grounding , trees and nature very relaxing
Out of your head, and into your body
As my thoughts wandered throughout this meditation I continually went back to this one thought: get out of your head, and get in to your body. At times it can be difficult to get out of my head, especially with certain aspects or my life. But using that one sentence to ground myself to the present and to deal with the now, instead of tomorrow was really peaceful.