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Be In The Now: Mindful Morning

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Connie Riet
Meditation & Mindfulness Coach
Mindfulness meditation helps you become grounded and connect with the present moment. This calming morning is the perfect way to start your day.
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6 reflections
This meditation helped me to relax and enjoy the moment. Very gentle but directed.
I learned that I am safe in meditation. I have kept this as a playlist.
Quiet and peaceful
This was just where I needed to be today in a quiet and calm meditation.
Mindful morning
Be in the now. I felt free and calm during this meditation. Open to the universe. Setting the intention to do so. My hands were facing up. The breath relaxed my body. I felt filled with peace and love. I loved this. I imagine it would be great to listen to any time of day. You have a soft voice and your guidance was amazing. I somehow didn't want it to end. Thank you so much.
Everything in my role hinges on the next few days, however I am proud of what we’ve done, but would like to see a victory for us as a group it would really mean a lot to me, at this point though it either will or won’t happen. I’ll focus on prep for the year to come.
Here and Now
I honor myself by taking a few moments to nourish my spirit. Today, I choose to live in the here and now. Living in the here and now, will open me up to more enjoyable moments and will help me in times of stress. When I find my mind wandering out of the present moment, I will use my breath along with the tools I have learned to ground me in the present moment.
I feel great and appreciated
I feel great and appreciated and this is so great today is going to be a great day
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