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Be Brave

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Veronica Lynn Clark
Love and Intimacy Coach
Our lives call for us to be brave. We are often stepping into unknown spaces and many times are thrust into them unexpectedly. I created this affirmation for myself as a reminder to be brave when I encountered some sudden changes in my life. I wanted to remember that I have been through difficult things before and I have always made it through them. I share these reminders with you now. Enjoy!
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jess 🧡
omg i needed that meditation. it was the perfect message that i needed right now. thank you
I need to be brave
Powerful. You must be brave right now. You've got this! Those words! I'm ready to be brave. Right now. What a powerful message. No sugar coating. But inspiring! Thank you!
Being brave
This is a great tool when you're going through a rough patch. It helped me.