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Baseball Mind

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Dea Rivera
Mindfulness Teacher
At times our mind can resemble a baseball game- Which sportscaster are you listening to?
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18 reflections
Mind is a baseball game
Not being an American I have no experience of baseball, however I did feel that the metaphor was on point, when we’re busy, our mind can be entertained by what we’re doing but in the quite moments, the commentary can be very much present, “why did I do that?”, “I don’t think she likes me”, “did I upset him?”, “am I good enough?”, “will someone finally figure out I’m not really deserving of my position and stop me?”, I loved the notion of noticing the commentator and bidding him fair well, and returning to the breath.
Meet Joe Buck
I learned that my mind is like a baseball game with a commentator. Joe Buck was the commentator of the 2016 World Series. Sometimes I find it helpful to give caricatures in my mind, like a commentator, a specific name, like Joe buck. This idea of looking at your thoughts like a baseball game with a commentator has been very helpful. Thank you!
Who would’ve thought that our mind could be so much like a baseball game — constantly making commentary on what we do, did or will do. We are in charge of our own analysts and we can tune them out if we try hard enough.
Baseball Mind
What a wonderful anology.... When the mind is quiet, the analyst arrives. But when he brings stories of the past or the future, thank him gently and then move on! Be present.
Play by Play
I LOVE this analogy! It is a great perspective and will help me recognize my analyst and shift my focus back to the game. Thank you!
I liked the association with a ball game. The word “chatter
“chatter” was a perfect description of my thoughts. Very helpful.
Perfect Relation
Amazing practice! I have never thought of my thoughts in that way before! Great job.
Thoughts are like a Baseball Game
In a way our thoughts are like a baseball game; our thoughts come and go like play by plays
Baseball Mind
Do not get caught up when you mind begins to analyze and pass judgement. Just acknowledge the thought and move forward.
Inner analyst
This analogy is so fitting. How many times I have said to myself "dont they have anything better to talk about." Or "wow, they really had to dig deep for that stat." And we all tend to do the same. We have to learn to take our inner analyst in stride, sometimes it will provide insight, other times just useless chatter
Farewell Miss Commentator
I learned that it is important to take a moment, stop over-thinking and silence the self-criticism.
Walter J
I saw myself at a baseball game but I was the only spectator in the whole stadium. Soon it became completely quiet as I exhaled and my breath cleaned the whole place out like a big broom sweeping off home plate. Even the announcers were gone. It was nice but a little eerie like a Covid nightmare. There I was just existing in total silence & stillness until my phone alarm went off and brought me back to the conscious noises in my room. Been awhile since I experienced complete nothing but my mind, body & soul feel great & refreshed! Kinda like hitting a home run! ❤️⚾️🍀
Baseball mind
I felt like I understood the concept of this but couldn’t quite visualize it
Anxiety and baseball
I learned that my anxiety is like a baseball game! Learning to observe in the moment instead of letting it take hold and spiral into anxiety ridden thoughts! This mediation was very helpful and brining me back to my center.
Baseball mind
Thank you for reminding me not to get swept up in the chatter in my mind. Don't listen to the play by play. Just be
Baseball mind
I see that I have reflected on this meditation in the past. Looks like I needed to be reminded again. Don't get swept away in the chatter.
Baseball mind
Perfect. I think of how often I mute the TV analysts because their chatter is annoying and often meaningless. Great hook for me to remember. Thank you.
Baseball mind
I loved this one! Thank the analyst and let them go... I am going to practice this often