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Balance your Brain: Focusing Technique

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Charles Freligh, PhD
This exercise is based on the "Focusing" technique as created by psychotherapist, Eugene Gendlin. This will help you gain clarity on whatever feels stuck in your life and shift old storylines into a new, creative, and physically felt experience. Gain balance in your processing of life by harmonizing the right and left brain hemispheres through this "focusing" method.
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Left Brain RIght Brain
I learnt that it is useful to use both sides of the brain to explore feelings and sensations using visualisation to focus on sensations.
Eugene Gendlin who came up with the process of focusing, interesting I will look in to it further!
I liked the focusing technique. Trying to access the right brain & not the left.
I learned about the left brain vs. the right brain. This mediation was about bringing anything in me to the forefront that may be tugging at me. Weighing me down. Noticing them and putting them to the side. Determine where in my body I can feel it. We then were invited to bring forth the right brain while going to a deeper place of awareness. I definitely want to explore this technique called Focusing.