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Awareness of Thoughts

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Hilary Jackendoff
Yoga Nidra, Meditation, & Sleep Expert
This meditation is designed to help you build awareness of your thought patterns and develop the understanding that your thoughts are not necessarily true. By learning how to watch your thoughts without judgment or analysis, you will develop a deep sense of mental clarity and wisdom.
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7 reflections
Racing mind slow down
Nighttime is scary. The darkness sets in. My mind races. Memories come to the surface. I am not aware. My body responds. I am not aware. Then daylight comes. The darkness fades. A new day begins. For a little while the mind slows.
Awareness of thoughts
This session was interesting. I usually close my eyes but didn't this session, and I saw my surroundings from a neutral perspective, as if I was analyzing my room for the first time. I think I however did learn that I would want sessions longer than three minutes haha
I needed this
It skipped my day again😒blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Levels of connection with the source of the universe
I learned that When you have trust and faith with in your self about the higher power.... no matter what or who it is. You develop a friendship with it him or her. No matter what you believe in just always know the higher power or the Sage as the (book of changes) calls it. Is always watching and keeping track for time you get resurrected to be examined. Or even reincarnated for your following life in which you start a new beginning with out the recollection of the past one. But you always have to receive instructions from the human recollective mind mainframe. So chill and live regardless of how many times you have to do it to get it right.
Where do they come from?
Thoughts appear out of nowhere. Inconsequential thoughts. Thoughts that question me about previous situations that need no dwelling and cannot be changed. Unnecessary thoughts. Thoughts that I don’t want to belong to me. I need to learn to detach myself from these specific thoughts. Perhaps they’ll become less frequent. Less bothersome. I enjoy this meditation. It inspires detachment, yet begs for introspection.
Thoughts 💭
Sometimes my brain is so full of thoughts that I feel it is whirling. Stopping for a brief meditation like this helps but I usually take extra time to fully settle. It is a good meditation.🙏
Be a witness
Observe your thoughts. View your thoughts from the outside. Let your thoughts pass by.