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Aura Meditation

16 Min
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Aubrey Adams
Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer
Aura meditation is about a journey through the aura and your energy. In this meditation, you will receive an energy cleansing and be able to identify your aura color.
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First Time Color
I was hoping for more of a guide into discovering my aura and the color I feel and see. Consistently I did see and feel the same color however I felt as if it would be a bolder announcement of myself.
Colors 🌈
Our aura is our energy field. At anytime this can change due to our thoughts and moods. My aura this morning is positive energy. As I breathe into this, continuing to strengthen my aura, I am surrounded by a bright light like a protective bubble. Then following her guidance, I breathe through each color of auras feeling something different each time. Purple-Heaviness Blue-Calm Yellow- Energizing Green-Love Orange- Refreshing Red-Powerful At the end of this meditation, I am surrounded by pink which represents feelings of warmth and love. I will take these positive feelings into my day knowing that I am surrounded in a protective pink bubble. Cool session to start the day with.